My Gift To You

Merry Christmas Loved Ones!

For the Thanksgiving holiday, I encouraged you to pick one thing that has been on your heart and make it happen. I hope that many of you have put your plan in motion. As for myself, this is my one thing! Your words of encouragement about my casual rants have inspired me to create a blog; perhaps a writing career will follow someday. In the words of my favorite character from Girlfriends, Maya Wilks ....."I'm an authoress"!

I am spending my holiday and birthday here in Los Angeles (shout to my Cali crew), and I hate to rub it in, but the weather outside is FAR from frightful! It is absolutely beautiful and fore casted to be 70 degrees today! I must admit that it is a bit strange without bitter cold and snow, but it's nice, and I will spend my morning taking a quiet walk in the park, then tending my garden. My Gardenia and Jasmine are in slow motion, but my Jade plants and Ferns are gorgeous, and my Annuals are in full bloom. I wanted to plant some tulips, but I didn't cop the bulbs in time.

The end of the year has been uneasy for me for several years now. I can't attribute this to one thing in particular, however, I will be one happy chick when this apparent phase passes. I'm a holiday baby, the world celebrates my birthday dammit! I am not supposed to suffer the holiday blues, it's time for them to disappear.

As I reflect on the zero seven, I say rest in peace to my Aunt Robbie who passed away two weeks ago. I must give props to Amy and Peter Rahsu, and Myra and Mike for having me in their beautiful weddings. I have to thank my mentor Monica for holding me down, and sharing her infinite wisdom. I must thank my clients for trusting in me and relying on me to make their lives a little bit easier. I send a special congratulations to my Ebony Dill for completing her doctorate, of this I am especially proud. My brother Sam went to the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup for the second time in his career. I love him for never giving up on his passion to play football. My Cali cousins traveled to South Africa for the first time. This year also gave me the opportunity to spend some quality time with my girls (or my broads as we like to say) in Vegas, Chicago, and Atlanta; I am so fond of you all. You are shining examples of what grown, God-fearing women should be! As for all my boys, what can I say, you keep me on my toes, keep my verbal jabs sharp, and share my love of sports.

I have been steppin' in LA, and the steppin' community here has embraced me with open arms. I love, love, love it (a reference to my fave steppers cut by Donny Hathaway). Thanks to Steppin' B and his entire crew for whippin' me into shape and watching me blossom. B. Merrils, I'm checking for you on the floor when I get back to The Chi!

Merry Christmas to ALL the children. Between my family and friends, there are too many to name, but they are all precious! Thanks to the parents who share pics, the sugar babies are growing by leaps and bounds. Thank you also for sharing their accomplishments.

On the 31st of this month, l will mark my sixth year anniversary of living in LA. Can you believe it? I throw my head back, shed a tear and laugh at the triumph of it all. My journey has been challenging, yet rewarding in many ways. I have celebrated victories and suffered some losses. I've cultivated great relationships, both personally and professionally. I am learning so much about myself, and who I CAN and CANNOT be. Do you ever stop and think about who you CAN be, who God intended you to be? It's a mind-blowing exploration, I tell you. I am certainly looking forward to this new year. Some thangs 'round here gotsta change!

In 2008, I wish you the usual blessings.............optimal health, prosperity, and unconditional love. However, I must also wish you clarity. When you see things clearly, your decision making process is a breeze. Personally speaking, I lament over situations to a fault, I take way too long to make decisions. But, when I seek clarity, and listen to my inner voice, the results are amazing.

I am grateful for those of you who love and respect me, those of you who rely on me, those of you who truly care for me, and those of you that I have shared my life and love with, past and present (mommy and daddy, this especially means you.)

I hope today brings you every little thing your heart desires, and a few unexpected surprises, as those are always nice!

You are hereby invited to become a regular reader of my blog, where I will share my thoughts on life, love, and sports, in no particular order. You might also be treated to an occasional short story as I cultivate my writing skills.

I encourage you to copy, paste, and share the link with others that you know and trust, then bookmark it for yourself.

I'm taking you on a fantastic voyage! Are you ready to roll?

Happy Holidays,

The Maven