A Monday Mind

So, Ive been taking a break. But, I missed y'all, so I'm back.

I'm attempting to limit my News intake. My obsession with all things political and Salty Balls Wall Street is affecting me daily and I'm not functioning properly as a result. I have not been sleeping normally because I'm disturbed and my mind is cloudy. Seriously, my name is Toss and Turn.

T.inaFey and A.myPoehler have served up some of the funniest shht SNL has broadcasted in YEARS with the P.alin spoofs! I'm sick of that cheerleader! What was that K.atieCouric interview all about? WHAT WAS SHE SAYING??? Anyone up for meeting me for a beer Thursday to watch the VP debate? I have GOT to see this.

I'm tired of all this money being wasted to bail out some knuckleheads I don't even know. We're not even sure if The Bailout Plan will work? Is there a Plan B? Can I slap someone?

We all need to strengthen our financial acumen and be more involved with our government because clearly, they need a chaperon.

The debate was a bit dry, and yes Big B missed some opportunities to take the Samo Sword to the old man, but he did a fair job and I tip my hat his way. Next time, though, he needs to get intellectually gully. I'm sure he knows how.

C.hrisRock put W.illiamJ.effersonC.linton on blast and I would personally like to thank him! Bill is so obviously bitter.

All of the above makes me feel like this....

Moving on........

Check out my girl Traceye Smith at RollingOut.com.

My Poppa said that Miracle at St. Anna is a MUST see. I will be going this week. What about you?

K.eyshawnJohnson makes waking up on Sunday mornings that much better. Bless him and E.SPN N.FL Sunday Countdown.

B.rettFavre. He may have very well saved my season. I won't know until tonight, as I have the R.avens defense playing to close it out, but I'm only thirteen points away from a W, and that is mainly because Brett was a scoring machine on Sunday. However, should I lose this week.....I am 0-4. Damn injuries!

Prayers for M.attBryant and A.nquanBolden. Football really is life.

My White Sox live to see another day! (SMILES)

That Bears D is ferocious when it counts!

I think its a shame that ATL is still having fuel issues. My boy CAB calls me to gripe and I feel so bad for him. My cousin tells tales of waiting in the car with her kids and its all one big hassle. Its affecting peoples home life, work and businesses. Why can't we get it together for disaster preparedness?

I'm telling y'all, we need to hold Uncle Sam more accountable. The problem is that we've been lulled to sleep with perks, amenities and fancy gadgets. We THINK all is good, until Mother Nature rolls through, or our banks fail, or we lose our homes, and then its like "Oh Snap". No more of that, get your ass prepared!

I was a greedy pig this weekend. I am ashamed to name all the stuff I've eaten. But it comes in spurts, and my ladies can identify the culprit. All I know is, food is good!

Went to my lil' cousin's Friday Night Lights football game. Its little league and he looked so cute. Just don't let his Daddy hear me say that!

Can't wait for that R.obinThicke album on Tuesday!

Happy Monday! Obama '08!

Lets hope for a quiet week.



Allergy Schmallergy

My allergies are currently the bane of my existence. According to pollen.com, the counts in my area are medium to medium-high, which explains my suffering to some degree. But, I'm not new to this.

As a child, my summers were full of cold presses, snot rags, and B.enadryl. I can remember my mother looking at me with pity when my eyes were itchy, puffy, and often swollen shut. I spent many days sitting on the porch with a cool towel over my eyes, watching my homies play. Mosquito bites were also a HUGE problem. If I was bitten, rest assured that it would swell up into a knot and cause me great discomfort and sleepless nights. Who didn't get bitten by mosquitoes while outside playing in the summertime, so you understand my suffering, right?

Luckily, I've grown out of THAT, but I sill suffer and the symptoms have morphed into scratchy ears and throat from sinus irritation. Go figure.

I should probably mention that I went on a long, beautiful and peaceful walk this evening looking at beautiful homes and gardens, and have been exposed to all sorts of greenery and fresh air. (Smile)

My homegirl, and best friend from high school, Dr. J.M., is a pharmacist, and she suggested Z.yrtec; she also suggested I lay low at home after I take it.

I have taken one already, and I feel the drowsiness setting in, so I have to kick all of you to the curb.

Nite Nite



Hump Day - Obama Hustle

I love this video for several reasons.....mainly because my people are so fun-loving, and also, it takes place at a lounge and that is so "Midwest", and I aspire to be a Lounge Lizard.

People love line dances, and I can't quite say why, but quietly, I dig them too.

I'm going to learn this one and pass it on. Everyone will be groovin' this come November 5th!

Obama '08

The Maven


A Monday Mind

Football is magic. Pizza is magic. Beer is magic.

I'm catchin' flicks this coming weekend y'all! The Family That Preys, The Women, and Righteous Kill all open on Friday. Can't wait!

Speaking of movies, is Laz Alonzo gonna be a breakout star after his performance in Spike Lee's Miracle at St. Anna? Looks like it to me.....

A.ndrea K.ramer, who was once a poster child for the plain janes has stepped up her fab game once again this season, while my girl P.am O.liver missed her weave chair appointment once again. Damn, I swear she's one of the baddest in the sideline reporting game, but she could use a glam squad (no hate). M.ichelle T.afoya is my girl too. All of them are incredible, actually.

Will eating fresh baked spinach and swiss croissants and having a glass of bubbly every Saturday morning contribute to the increase of my rumpshaker (by the way, that's a good thing for me)? If so, I'm on a roll, 'cuz it has become a weekend ritual. The cute, young, tender French boy who sells the croissants at the Farmer's Market doesn't help either......

So, my cousin and I give Game's CD top billing over Wayne's joint. Besides, I barely understand what Wayne is saying half the time.

This natural hair care is no joke, but DAMN my hair feels good! I'm always lovin' up on my scalp. LOL!

If you have never stepped before, find a class. There is a Steppin' community in most major cities these days. Chicago is sharing! You will love this dance.

Serena Will is that deal! Congrats on the Open victory and welcome back to the number one spot babygirl, you are overwhelmingly deserving.

......as for the opponent Jelena Joke-a-witch, get some tact about yourself. You used your first appearance at a Grand Slam event to make an absolute fool of yourself with your immature antics and poor sportsmanship, during AND after the match. For a minute I thought commentator Mary Carillo was gonna go upside your head with her microphone.

While I'm checking folks for their behavior, I would be completely remiss if I left out Serena's father's.....ummmmmm, lady friend. Her romp on the tennis court after the match was uncalled for and borderline embarrassing. You were not at the Rucker.

I stopped by theybf.com to check out pics from the VMA's red carpet and my question is this......"what's wrong with people?"

When are Squirrel's gonna pull their pants up? I DON"T WANT TO LOOK AT YOUR ASS!!!!

When are Squirrel's gonna take full rows of jewelry out of their mouths? Is that hygienic?

I love the new Swiffer commercials with the "baby come back" mariachi theme. Hilarious.

The gov-ment just took over Freddie and Fannie? Who's next? When will we rebound from all this shht? I feel sorry for our children.........they will look back in history and say we were irresponsible and spineless for allowing the current administration and the, "whichever way the wind blows" media bend us over at will.

Say-Rah Paid-lin is giving ONE damn interview?? Are you kidding me? We're really going for this? WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!! We need to be on her raggedy, lying tail like they were and still are on B. Rocka.

My Auntie Day, back home in The Chi, said she cooked some collard greens yesterday. Now, I want some. But, they take SO long to cook, properly.

F.OX News is scary. I repeat, F.OX News is scary.

I'm trying my hand at an indoor plant. I got an orchid. Cross your fingers.

Does any one watch A.rmy W.ives? Is it good? I need a new show.

What are you reading these days?



P.S. When I use period's within words, it is deliberate and serves a purpose. I'm not crazy. :)


Countdown, Baby

So, today is The Football League's highly anticipated Kickoff Sunday!

Every year, millions of fans begin their weekly Fall ritual of couch potato-ing by watching countless hours of games and analysis, and eating artery clogging items off the menus of sports bars and chain restaurants. And, lets not forget the LIQUA!!

Usually, I subscribe to the Sunday Ticket, however, this season, I opted out because here, in LaLa, we get a wide variety of games due to our lack of a home team and the huge size of our tv market. I also opted out because it was an unnecessary expense (I'm exercising financial responsibility). :)

This time of year also signals an onslaught of Fantasy Football League's where diehards very seriously take on the task of "running their own teams", either for fun, bragging rights, or financial gain, but mostly for the latter. I can't hate though, because I've been playing faithfully in the same league for the last eight seasons. I've also joined Dallas Penn's Pick 'Em league and look forward to the challenge!

People always ask about my favorite team, and I have no definitive answer, other than I follow the Bears, cuz' I'm from The Chi, and I follow McNabb cuz' he's from The Chi. I follow the Raiders games because they are still much loved here in LaLa. The truth is, I just really dig this game and I'll watch just about any team, and if they have a Squirrel QB, that's a bonus.

Football season also reminds me of my late Granny Helen because she was a huge sports fan (where do you think I got it from?) and I spent lots of Sundays at her house watching games.

Now for the kicker....I start a class at 8 AM, this morning! Yes, I registered for a class that meets on Sundays for FIVE hours! I must have been HIGH, right? LOL! Well, not really, I am just on a mission so I had to sacrifice. It won't last all season long, and I will get to see the second round of games, so I'll be good. Just don't let me forget to set my lineup every week. The guys in my fantasy league are notorious for shht talking and I would never hear the end of it.

Happy Football Sunday folks!

Obama '08!

The Maven


Say Rah!

I've been avoiding the political talk. I just didn't want to put my two cents in, mainly because its a circus and I'm just plain tired of it all.


The Red Party's version of the Bev Hillbillies is completely over the top. They've literally brought the Clampetts (oops, I meant the Pay-lins) all the way from the edge of the country, front and center to a Life of Washington.

I've always felt that the Bush son was a puppet for the machine, but this is just ridiculous; they've now gone and picked a woman to sit in as their new extreme right wing marionette.

Women, beware. Our overall credibility is at stake.

Sa.rah Pay-lin's delivery was great. She showed poise and confidence. But, did she really have a choice? She was coached to perfection by her puppeteers, which resulted in great reading of the speech written for her.

Never mind that her youngest child licked spit on her hand to smooth down her baby brother's (or nephew's) hair, then later used her index finger to pick his nose, "Pay" was at the podium laying wood to The Blue. Granted, there was no substance to the speech (family, blah blah, McSame, blah blah, war hero, blah blah, insults, blah blah) but her attack was deliberate, and scarily enough, could be defeating and successful if we aren't careful.

Basically, its showtime folks, and only the strong will survive. One of my boys seems to think that The Blue Party will surely curl up and die, or bend over, as I like to say, but I'm a contrarian, and I believe that The Blue is ready to rumble.

Has the Red Party spun another web of deception and lies? Of course! But what I will say is this, Red sticks together like glue. They know full and well that Say-Rah, their small town cheerleader, has the qualifications of a whore in church, but you will never hear them say it. Across party lines, they are in agreement that she is ready and fearless, a wonderful representation of what they stand for, just what the party needs! But, Blue has yet to learn this lesson. Blue takes two cars to the set, when one is clearly enough. Some of our self-proclaimed spokespersons, and oldskool squirrel's can't keep their pissy opinions and displeasure about O to themselves. Why does our divisiveness always have to be on front street?

Let me say this, words have power, and spoken from an ill-willed tongue, they can spell disaster. The Red Party will be speaking negatively about the The Blue from here on out, doing their darnedest to discredit and devalue the platform the O campaign has brilliantly and strategically built. I encourage you to speak truth to power. I caution you, not to relax.

In the weeks to come, the gravediggers of both Blue and Red will be working overtime to bury one another. Certainly, some things will surface that are sure to shake tail feathers and melt the pundits pancake makeup. So, anchor yourself. Be ready. Register someone to vote, donate to the campaign, make yourself useful.

By the way, tell me again, who is this woman?????