A Piece of Peace

Tranquility seems to elude me as of late. There just seems to be SO MUCH NOISE and I'm not referring to traffic . The idiot box is wearing me thin! The mainstream media is acting like the mob an I feel as though I need to enter into protective custody. Between the reports of ensuing famine and world hunger, rising fuel prices, an increase in crime, a looming recession, and the tomfoolery that is our political process, I can't seem to concentrate. No wonder reality t.v. is doing so well. It numbs your sensibilities.

Anyway, my once certain understanding of societal issues, has now evolved into an amalgamation of anger, confusion, disbelief, doubt and indifference.

For instance, why is the life of My Man (future post) consistently challenged and devalued from inside and outside forces? He might not be important to some, but he damn sure means the world to Me. Rest peacefully, Sean Bell et al.....

Moving on, why is it that my Press-and-dent can lie, steal, cheat and stumble over simple English words for eight years with little or no resistance from the citizens, pundits or political representatives of our fair land, but My Pastor can't speak truth to power without being labeled a tyrant (I told y'all about fear)? Let the record show that I'm all for freedom of speech and opinion, but some people's criticism and ire, I think, is ill-placed.

What would The Elders say? Should we be taking to the F'n streets in new-aged revolt against our current government for the way they have been carrying us?! And by "us" I mean ALL of us, everydamnbody, regardless of race, gender, education or socio-economic status. They have treated us like a two-dollar whore (think stimulus checks). Remember and know this.... beeEss trickles down and we are all eventually affected in someway by the disrespect, deception, suffering, slighting, mistreatment and/or underserving of another human being.

Don't wait on Uncouth to come and ring your Cushy doorbell. Like Huey of The Boondocks so eloquently stated when a crazy Midwestern February day turned from 90 degrees to freezing within hours, "maybe the heat does make people crazy......before you know it, crazy becomes normal.....but, sanity eventually returns, and when it does, you better have your coat."

When you have time of course, I would be remiss if I didn't share the entire episode with you for your full understanding. It is well worth viewing here.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to catch Sportscenter. I'll choose ball banter, stats and highlights over depressing news any day.

Go J, Go Hawks!


Pied Piper Pees On Us Again

Thanks for another hood nursery rhyme, Kellz. Just when I thought we were moving away from dudes wearing braids, you come with this bullshhhht.


Hump Day Music - Coltrane Edition

I am a little weary in regards to this Primary race. It's taking too long.

I have begun to resent the sight of H. Rodham Clinton. For me, she represents greed, envy, and dishonesty. I can appreciate her resolve not to give up her fight, but I am detecting the scent of something fishy on the horizon, something Bushesque, and if The D Party pulls the rug from under Barack, there exist the possibility of uprising.

Statistically, she can't beat him, and numbers don't lie, but we are talking American politics here, so brace yourselves.

Hey, Independents, save some room for me, I'm coming over!

John Coltrane is emanating my sentiments on the masterpiece, "Dear Lord".

Rise up Saints! We need prayer. Close your eyes and listen.


Got Hope? Got Pennsylvania?

Wood Harris and Rebekah Harris entered an ad contest in support of Barack Obama.

Check it out and vote for it here!

Thanks Rebekah for sharing this with me! Great job!

Go Obama!

The Maven


The Prototype

I have a friend/Squirrel here in L.A. who swears that modern day women can't hold a stick to Rachel Robinson (just last week Mrs. Robinson was still representing for JRR and he's been gone to glory for thirty-six years) and Nancy Reagan when it comes to holding it down for ones man. "They just don't make 'em like that anymore", he says. He loves that they stood tall through thick and thin and aged gracefully and with dignity throughout it all. In his mind, a woman of that caliber is the ultimate prize, and I believe that he won't be satisfied until he finds his version.

Jackie and Rachel Robinson

Rachel Robinson

From Thomasine and Bushrod to Bonnie and Clyde, tales of women who act as both backbone and kryptonite for their men have always had a special place in my heart. You see, I consider myself to be of the same fabric (wink).

Fictionally and lightheartedly in this category, I think of Weezy (George), Helen (Tom), Claire (Cliff), and Claudine (Roop).

Historically, there was Coretta (Martin) and Betty (Malcolm). Presently, Alma (Colin), fills those shoes. But for me, there exist none better than Ruby Dee (Ossie), she is the quintessential.

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee

There are contemporaries who perhaps fit the bill, but I don't want to stir up controversy, so I'll leave that alone.

However, Michelle Obama is proving herself to be a shining example. I dig her swag! I appreciate her confidence and sense of self. I admire her love and respect for Barack Obama. Check her handles.....

With a woman like this in his corner, a man stands a better chance.

Your thoughts?


Mary Jay

Just came home from a great concert. The Heart of The City Tour to be exact. Yes, that's right, Mary and Jay, a sixty degree L.A. night, The Hollywood Bowl, and box seats. Ridiculous!

The Maven

I've seen Jay countless times (terms of endearment for my connect), but this is the first time I've seen Mary perform and The Queen of hip Hop Soul did NOT disappoint.

Let me holla at the ladies for a minute.......I don't know about you, but I feel like Mary and I grew up together; not in a same 'hood, 'round the corner kind of way, but in a Kool Aid to Cognac kind of way. When she hit the airwaves, I was running the streets with my girls, going to parties, and kissin' and tellin'. Mary's songs represent every stage of my life, and it is clear that she has weathered her storms and become a G-A-Dub (Grown Ass Woman). She looked flawless. The hair was laid (of course), the 'drobe was fly, and homegirl is in great shape. Now, I am a true slim goody, but Mary makes me wanna adopt a regular fitness regimen. She ain't playin'! She ran through some old faves and then hit us with an ode to Anita Baker by scatting to "Been So Long". I loved it! She then took it home with her newer hits (she had me in tears with "Be With You") and danced and kicked it like we were at a party in her back yard. Gotta love her.

Once Jay came on, he rolled along seamlessly through his catalog, with the highlights being his stint at the turntable with his DJ, where they played snippets from about 10 songs, each one making the crowd go crazy, the other highlight was his a capella performance of "Minority Report" while photos of the disaster displayed in the background; the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina will never be forgotten and the response by our government will never be forgiven.
Each time I see Jigga perform, I am reminded just how incredible his swagger is and how solid his offerings have been over the years. The man has HITS!

The show ended with fireworks and the last of three duets performed throughout, with the fitting "Heart Of The City (Ain't No Love)".

This was the best Hump Day I've had in a long time. I just might hit the show up again on Friday.



There are times when I "check out". My girls understand. They laugh at me and say I'm on some "Maven" shit. They joke about me being somewhere meditating and burning incense, writing poetry and crying behind some love song.

They don't lie.

I get lost in myself sometimes. I relish it. Call it onlychildism. Call it Capricornism. Call it life.

I'm in my late thirties. By this time, I think we expect to have it all figured out, right? However, the wisdom of the elders reminds us that our learning has probably just begun, and actually never stops.

I watched this clip of E Badu singing "Me" and I love this song, it's comforting and affirming. See for yourself.......

Damn, that chick is soulful! My girl Stella and I always dub Erykah as the baddest. I admire her, because she lets it all hang out, her strengths and her flaws. She'll snatch her damn wig off at any given moment. I love it!

Anyway, I realize that I like who I'm becoming. It has been and will continue to be a journey of good days and bad, but beautiful none the less.

I give of myself, and perhaps too much sometimes. I've been known to love with reckless abandon, but too many broken hearts have curtailed that a bit. I'm cautious now.

I want to be solid in my professional life, in my finances, in my relationships with those I love.

I was talking to my girl, Mama So Fine, yesterday (I gave her that nickname years ago when she was pregnant because she was the flyest mother-to-be I'd ever seen). Over the years, she and I have come up with some of the craziest business ideas, and every now and then we rehash them and recycle them into something else, laughing all the while about how none of them have truly come to fruition. I asked her to promise with me, that we shall have no more regrets when it comes to our business lives. This includes stepping up our networking, socializing, and follow-up. We have agreed to be accountability partners. Basically, I've given her "no holds" permission to call me on my b.s. and I couldn't be happier.

This no regrets concept must be applied in all aspects of my life, though. Having no regrets, to me, means laying it on the line and making decisions that are in your best interest. If you hate it or love it, say it! If it can further your growth, do it. If it can harm you or get in your way, cut it loose. If its something that is good for you or to you, roll with it. If you can help someone else in need, by all means, pass it on.

I wake up and pray to be someone better than I was the day before.

I am ME, who are you?


Hump Day House Music - Congressional Hearings Edition

If you need a pick me up, I hope this pulls you through the day.

After yesterday's Iraq War hearings, General Petraeus might echo the sentiment of this song....cuz they were in his DOOKIE!!!!! But, in spite of all that scrutiny, he was still "balls to the wall" in his assertion and response that American troop withdrawal is a bad idea. Senate be damned!

I don't know about you, but I would like to talk to someone from this war ravaged region, someone of the common ilk, like myself. I want to know what's really 'hood over there. All our news reports are beginning to be a blur, and it sounds like elevator music. I'm afraid I am becoming desensitized, and that's not good. I know this situation is "no bueno", but am I afraid to know the dirty details? Are you?

I support a withdrawal, purely on the basis that I see no point in war. However, I don't want to see a country's less fortunate or helpless people left hung out to dry after we hat up. I saw that on the home turf, with Katrina, and the aftermath still lingers. Shits not cute


The Monday Mind

What would my life be without a game or match to watch? Long live sports! Go Serena! Go Memphis! I didn't have Memphis going this far in my brackets, but the youngin', D. Rose, from The Crib (that's Chicago) has made me a believer.
Go Lakers! Go White Sox! Will someone please resuscitate The Bulls?

I attended the Lakers-Mavericks game Friday night. Staples Center was rockin'! Lamar Odom is my favorite Laker. He showed up for his team when Dallas had the clamps on KB24. That Dirk had his shot fallin' like raindrops. I didn't understand some of P. Jax's substitutions, but it worked, and it was a good game. There's something about that Zen philosophy....

Why do I impose a bedtime for myself, then F it off by watching the idiot box until my eyes burn. I just can't seem to go to sleep without having watched The Jeffersons.

Family is a blessing. I spent Saturday evening with my baby brother, Sam-U-El. He's been here visiting for a few days, tearing LA up with his homeboys and Cousin Pat. It was great to see them, they've grown into great men. We rolled through Roscoe's and ate ourselves into oblivion. I spent the early part of Sunday with my LA fam, for a christening. Baby Malia slept through most of the ceremony, but she was cute as a button!

Friends are a blessing. I spent the latter part of Sunday with my girl Dan Belle and her daughter, whom I affectionately call "Pippi". I won't tell her mama that Pip is plotting to find her a husband. She whispered this to me, so I'm sworn to secrecy. I thought it was adorable.

I've grown terribly weary of the Clinton campaign. Yes, my side-eye has now turned into a full, eye-rollin', stank azz stare down. On some token, I admire her for not giving up the fight, but I wonder how much more of her truth-stretching, arid humor, and pseudo pulpit swagger must be endured. Damn The Dems! We need a resolution!

Obama '08

The sister from NYC was voted off Oprah's Big Give. I'm sorry Babygirl, but it was time. I'd also grown tired of you looking like a broke down Whitney, each time you opened your mouth to sing. You're a beast about your biz though, polish it off and you can murda the game. Best Wishes.

I miss my Grandmothers.

It's time for me to get my braids redone. Anyone up for a take down party? I make great drinks!

Gas prices aren't gonna go down, are they?

My week is looking busy and bright. Hallelujah!

Fellas, never discount the value of a good edge or lining!

Ladies, trust me, pedicures are your best friend. Get yours today!

The Maven


In Memoriam and In Celebration

Today, our country remembers the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Forty years ago today, Dr. King was assassinated. There are ceremonies taking place throughout the country, but most notably, in Atlanta, GA, the place where he and his beloved Coretta Scott King are laid to rest. His surviving daughter, Elder Bernice King is speaking to young people at the Sacred Ebenezer Baptist Church. Also today, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Senator Obama has made a speech to commemorate Dr. King's legacy. Senator McCain remembered Dr. King while speaking in front of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN, where Dr. King was gunned down. McCain expressed regret in having previously voted against the institution of a national holiday for Dr. King (you learn something new everyday). Sarcastically, I heard a sister yell out from the crowd, "how do you feel about the holiday today?". and he quickly responded "I feel okay." You've gotta love my people (smiles).

On another note, today is the eightieth birthday of the lovely, wonderful, cherished and treasured Dr. Maya Angelou, teacher and writer. She told Tamron Hall this morning on MSNBC, that for all these years, she had not celebrated her birthday because of Dr. King's murder. She also told of the bond she shared, on this day, with Coretta and how different the past two years have been without her.

My childhood was made richer because I was immersed in Black History. The contributions of people like these two are part of my foundation; a reason why I hold my head high.

Rest in peace, Dr. King.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Angelou!

Thanks to you both for your influence on my life.


April 2, 1939 - April 1, 1984

Forty-four years.

That's what we were blessed with.

Today I celebrate the life and memory of Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr., known to us all as Marvin Gaye.

For your listening pleasure, I present my favorite selection.......

Thank You, Kanye

When Kanye West released the album, Graduation, "Homecoming" was instantly one of my faves. Shout to Chris Martin for adding the icing (smiles).

This cut takes me back to the "City of Wind" with the fondest of memories. In this video, you see the infamous Chicago skyline, a housing development on State Street, The Dusable Museum, The Tribune Building, Michigan Avenue, Soldier Field, the "L" , winter bare trees, chocolate city-worn faces, The Chicago River, Cloud Gate at Millineum Park aka The Bean , and the ever increasingly handsome, Common.

I have to say that growing up in Chicago was an immeasurable blessing and an unparallel experience.

This video is a wonderful ode to the city. Job well done Kanye!

The Maven