Can you Smell What Nov. 4th is Cookin'?

If you have yet to vote, get ready for a busy Tuesday. Please don't be discouraged by long lines or inclement weather. Take your lawn chair, reading materials, some water and snacks, perhaps an umbrella, and some comfy shoes, just in case you must wait for hours. Charge up your I Pod or get extra batteries for your radio. Take your I.D.; even though it is not always required, have it just in case. Also, know that if you are in line before the time your poll closes, you cannot be turned away! Stay the course!

Wear your sunscreen, take your shades, or bundle up if your city is chilly. Lay low on the political gear, just in case it is an issue. Check with someone elderly or impaired who may need assistance getting to the polls. Be patient and kind with the poll workers, as they will have a rough day.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you are uncertain of procedure and for goodness sake, check your ballot twice, before submitting your vote, especially if you are voting electronically!

Remain positive and smile to all whom you encounter, be encouraging, as this is a historical time, and we are blessed to be able to participate.

There is no telling what time the results will come in, so get ready to settle in, possibly, for an intense night, and maybe, morning after.

Below is a gift from D.P.


The Maven


Dallas said...

Much thanks for being able to get with my long rant.

Cherish the day tomorrow no matter the outcome.

The Maven said...

You're welcome!

Will do! Thanks, D!