Drop It

In the last moments of my dream this morning, before I awoke, I found myself driving along, when suddenly, my car stopped. No warning, no jerking, no smoke, no noise.

It just stopped.

I got out and began to push it towards a service station, and as you know, dreams can be weird, so as I began to push and guide the car, grocery cart handles appeared on the trunk. Go figure. Anyway, I got the car to the shoulder of the road, which by the way, was very reminiscent of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, and there was the gas station........at the top of a hill! So I pushed and pushed, and the car, having a mind of its own, would occasionally, get turned around. I was maneuvering the car by the grocery cart handles (imagine a cart with tricky wheels) and it was turning in all sorts of directions, so at times I was pulling it up the hill. There was a man standing at the top, filling his car with gas, and he looked like he wanted to help, but he was hesitant. Nonetheless, I kept at it, I had to get my car some service. I had places to go.

I finally made it to the top, the service department was closed, and as I was standing there trying to decide my next move, the car rolled back down the hill! I stood there, jumping up and down, yelling, for someone at the bottom to catch it! But it rolled off of, what seemed like a ledge, and crashed. I ran down to the bottom, and there lay a smashed piece of metal, almost compacted. I picked it up in my hand and cried.

I am relaying this to say "let it go".

This is what my dream told me. It told me to let it all go. We can push and pull and prod and sometimes we still lose, but after more reflection, in that loss, there is the victory. Be still! These are trying times for many people and if its not you, its very likely someone you know. Of course, "trouble don't last always" and if you think back, I'm certain there is a time in your life where you felt you wouldn't make it through, but somehow, by His grace, you did.

Listen, we cannot solve every problem or be all things to all people. Sometimes, we can't be everything, even to ourselves. Just take things day by day. Wake up and count your blessings. Choose one thing to be happy about, or ten if you've got it like that. But, by all means, choose to be HAPPY. Choose to smile. Choose to laugh. Choose to help someone else; be an angel in disguise. Choose to accomplish something new, TODAY!

Its all good for the soul.

I love you.

The Maven