A Monday Mind

I think I have writer's block. That's what I get for thinking.

I think that Bo, the Obama's new puppy is just as cute as can be, and if I were allowed pets, I would have a cute dog too.

Its almost time for the NB.A playoffs and I am very excited. I just don't want to see any games that mirror that performance by the Ce.ltics yesterday. What was that?

Red Velvet cake is comforting.

I need to purchase a new operating system for my desktop and, dammit, I just don't want to!

I want a pair of L.A.M.B.'s in my closet when I awake tomorrow.

The hair will be braided on Wednesday. It's time.

Its also time to get rid of this lil' gut I've acquired. (See Red Velvet cake)

My garden is shaping up nicely and the flowers are blooming beautifully. This is something I am very proud of.

I love, love, love my jersey sheets.

I have a noisy neighbor, what do you think I should do? She is about 21 or 22, and I remember those days, so I try to be cool, but DAMN, she is pushing it!

I need some J. California Cooper in my life. Its time to crack open one of her books.

I was gonna buy a S.nuggie today, but once I tried it out...... eh. Not so much.

Are you happy? Content? Pleased? Overjoyed? Lovin' and livin' well? If so, isn't it a blessing? I feel extremely blessed.

I am anticipating C.hrisette's new music, May 5th, also The Lady's birthday!

When are my White Sox coming to town??? I need to check the schedule.

Happy Monday!



Freeman Press said...

The Chrisette album is out hope you bought it. It's funny that it fell on cinco de mayo.

The Maven said...

Hey there, Freeman! I have not downloaded it yet, but my Itunes acct is locked and loaded, so I will pull it down any day. I did listen to the snippets, and it sounds good.

A friend of mine brought up a point about cinco de mayo and black folks....she wonders is latino's get down with Juneteenth in the same manner in which we celebrate with them. Furthermore, do WE even get down with Juneteenth in that same manner? Ha!