I'm A B

Recently, I saw a photo of a friend of a friend who was, how should I say this........packin' in her brazier. While her size was amazingly unlike anything I've EVER seen, I must admit I felt a bit envious of "freedom" and obvious confidence in the cards she was dealt.

So I happily declare......I am a B, and dammit, I like 'em! LOL!

Women and men both suffer greatly from image issues, but I am gonna deal with the ladies on this one. Fellas, I'll get at you in a separate post.

As a child and into adolescence, I was teased a great deal for being skinny. In some ways those opinions have never left me, and it manifests itself in my obsession with having a delicious boo-tay. If I had rump like Meagan Goode, Kelly Rowland or Michelle Williams (I chose them because they're tiny), then I would be batting one hundred.

The sad part in all of this, is if I surveyed ten of my friends, all would have one or two things about their bodies, face or hair, that they deemed imperfect.

There is no need to ask how we get to this point. There are endless factors that play a role, but the solution lies within! Embrace yourselves. Embrace it all; the tall, short, skinny, and plump. Claim the soft tresses, ,the weave, the tight coils, the bone straight, the kinks, the natural, the relaxed, and the short and long of it all. Celebrate the curves or the lack thereof. Love your A, B, C, D and double cups; your full or thin lips; your broad or keen nose. Have a big forehead, big feet or a chicken neck? Whatever it is, its all good, because its you!

Also, make it a point to love your sisters, regardless of race or age. We need each others approval and moral support! We must become and remain confident and strong so we're able to pass this stellar self esteem along to our lil' mamas!

Peace and Blessings,

The Maven


Anonymous said...

Well put, my Nubian Sister!!!!

I guess us "Slim T'ings" (as an ex-beau used to call me) all have that "I wish I had a big ol' butt syndrome". I just KNEW the world would be alright if I had a bodacious backside.

It took an old classmate, one summer when I was interning to tell me, "AJ, you would look crazy as hell w/some big ol' boobs or a ginormous booty....plenty of folks would love to have your proportioned figure!"

I don't know why or how that "ONE-TIME" it stuck (cuz fam and even boyfriends told me that my body was not "deficient" in any way) but ever since 1992, I've been loving my slim figure:)

The misogynistic music videos and the male-dominated media are twisting the minds of our little sisters.

I only had neighborhood boys and classmates teasing me about being skinny but to be bombarded w/the onslaught of images today would have put my (then) insecure butt in a mental facility by age 12:)

We must love ourselves and pass it along to our lil' Nubian princesses. There is no perfect anything....we are who we are and WE MUST focus on loving and uplifting of our BEAUTIFUL BLACK GIRLS!!!!

The Maven said...

Well said, my dear!