The Monday Mind

It's a beautiful seventy degree day here in LA.

I spent twenty-five dollars at the pump and in return, I got six gallons of gas.

I am a book store fiend. My trip to Barnes and Noble today, netted me a book by Dr, Ben Carson (which I needed for a writing assignment for a client), two magazines with Barack on the cover (I am collecting all his covers), the current issue of The New Yorker (great, extensive article about Michelle Obama) and this weeks copy of Backstage, an LA trade paper (cover story about the incomparable James Earl Jones).

Speaking of Barack, I'm glad that he put the lid on Hillary's slimy attempts to paint him as her "VP". WTF? Last time I checked, he was leading her in delegates and popular votes. He does not view himself as number two. I do not view him as number two, and her never ending silly antics are verifying that she, Bill, and her advisers are FULL of number two.

The Governor of NY is caught up in a sex scandal. He has been named in a prostitution ring. Just like all the other politicians that get busted on some b.s. involving women outside of their marriage, he too had his poor wife standing up there "by his side", looking all dazed and confused. One day, one of these broads is gonna cold cock a squirrel right upside the head, on camera. I believe this has recently happened in another country, perhaps Asia.

I had to renew my vehicle registration today. This is never a highlight. Why do I have to pay the county to drive my car?

I wish Girlfriends was coming on tonight. I will miss Girlfriends.

I thought The Wire series finale was decent. I just can't understand why, in the next to last episode, Mike dropped Dookie off on the streets to be a dope fiend. I thought they were homies. Mike knew that Dook just needed a head start. He had the brains. He could have made it. Now, Dookie is Bubbles Redux.

I watered my flowers and plants in my garden. They were calling my name each time I walked in and out of my pad. They were saying "Witch, we're thirsty!"

Gotta go.

The Maven


allienicole said...

love the stream of consciousness blog style!

The Maven said...

Allienicole, Thanks for stopping by! 'Preciate the support!

Anonymous said...

So much talk is going on about the battle between the two democratic candidates. What we are failing to realize in the race that will take place between the dems and rep. How will that fair? Who has the most, best potential to stand up agianst McCain, as of today it seems as though he will be the Republican candidate, of whom I am voting for. Your thoughts, Maven

The Maven said...

Anonymous, I believe that the recent activity surrounding the Dem race is a terrible distraction that could play in McCain's favor in the end. However, I am solidly supporting Obama, and I an confident that once our Dem candidate is chosen, the party will come together in support of that choice, a choice I hope will be made by the people, not the delegates. I am fully aware that The Repubs will attack and disect either candidate with fervor and accuracy, but I am not worried. At the end of the day, can you honestly say that you want another four years of Bush Lite (McCain)?