Dodger Blues

I just got home from the Dodgers game. That's right folks, the 50th Opening Day at Dodger's Stadium, seventy-two degrees, sunny and clear, iced cold Tecate and Dodger dogs. Oh yeah!

Ok, enough of that, now lets get real. The Dodgers organization needs that booty whipped. The parking arrangements are ridiculous and inconvenient (they could really benefit from some sort of shuttle service), the concession stands are mediocre, the restrooms are too few and far between, plus, they're old and poorly lit. Also, the stadium's usher staff is hard to find.

Granted, The Dodgers were victorious and sent the SF Giants packin' with a goose egg, but it was a lackluster experience at best. Maybe I'm just spoiled when it comes to sporting events. I attend my fare share, so I have a lot to compare this to. I also felt bad for my colleague and friend, because he just moved here from the East coast and I think he was expecting more.

The home team's faithful and diehard fans were out in droves, all dressed in Dodger Blue. It was a full house, which means only one thing.........drunkeness. My friend and I commented on how difficult it is to bring children to large sporting events because of all the lewd behavior. Folks really need to pipe down.

All in all, it was a lovely day, and I truly enjoyed connecting with my old friend. He tells GREAT stories that always have me laughing.

I think I'll wait for the hype of the new season to subside before I return to another game (probably when they play my home team White Sox). Baseball can be and should be a peaceful, relaxing experience. Someone should remind the big-wigs in the corporate offices.

The Maven

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