Thank You, Kanye

When Kanye West released the album, Graduation, "Homecoming" was instantly one of my faves. Shout to Chris Martin for adding the icing (smiles).

This cut takes me back to the "City of Wind" with the fondest of memories. In this video, you see the infamous Chicago skyline, a housing development on State Street, The Dusable Museum, The Tribune Building, Michigan Avenue, Soldier Field, the "L" , winter bare trees, chocolate city-worn faces, The Chicago River, Cloud Gate at Millineum Park aka The Bean , and the ever increasingly handsome, Common.

I have to say that growing up in Chicago was an immeasurable blessing and an unparallel experience.

This video is a wonderful ode to the city. Job well done Kanye!

The Maven

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ROCK said...

What up, MAVEN? This is the Chicago Jedi (aka CC)humin, cummin at ya. Just wanted to say the game needs her has inspired me. I'm an official Blogger now. Check me out if you get an opportunity (http://chi-jedi.blogspot.com). I tagged you on my new blog (Gotta keep the good news rolling to the unknown) N-E Way, we miss U in the CHI. The sun just doesn't seem to shine as bright without you. We hope those LA homies know what they got but tell them DON'T GET IT TWISTED, we just loaning you out!
Peace & Hair Greese.
-Luv ya.