Get Better, Baby

In case you didn't know, within the pecking order of male dominated sports, football, for me, is tops. Basketball tightly closes in at second, and that beautiful, peaceful and relaxing game of baseball pulls up the rear.

With The Football League commencing its player-dreaded camps this week, some things stood out in my mind.

1) Young Chad is gonna be happy that he stayed in The Natti. I have a feeling that this is their year. Raymond James Stadium or BUST.

2) Damn, if J.ason Taylor doesn't look good in that Skins uni.

3) Donnie Mac is back! That NFC East is gonna be a beast!

4) Hurry up and get better. Antoni.o "The Smile" Gates is going to finally be back in action from that horrible turf toe injury, to be available for my Fantasy team, and also, to make my day when the corners of his mouth rise to display those amazing pearly whites!

In case you didn't know......put your damn shades on, its gonna get bright!

God Bless America!


Organized Noise said...

First time through and I like you already . . . even if I don't agree with your opinion on a few things.

Cincinnati in the Super Bowl? Only if they buy tickets.

Jason Taylor does make Washington better and McNabb may be feeling better, but the division still runs through exit 15W on the New Jersey Turnpike.

I'm hoping for a good season from Antonio Gates as well. I have a fantasy title to defend.

The Maven said...

Organized, welcome aboard! I have checked you out as well, and I will be visiting on a regular. You're funny!!!! Enjoy your Sunday, they will be MUCH better in a few weeks! Right?

The Maven said...

...and one more thing. We'll have to keep one another abreast of our Fantasy Football seasons. I'd love to check your team after you draft.