Those Annual Sports Awards 2008

I think the most memorable moment of the night for me was at the end of the show when the camera went to a shot of D Fish after Jesus Shuttlesworth slyly remarked "another win in LA", as the C's accepted their award for Best Team. Fish looked like he was gonna meet Mr. Allen in the green room and lay hands on him. There was clearly an elephant in the room at that moment, certain to be dealt with next season in a three-point barrage by Fish against the C's. Might not work though, seeing how Sugar Ray has the sweetest stroke and counter-attack in all the NBA. Look up the art of shooting baskets and you're very likely to see his smiling face.

Another momemt of note was the look on young Eli's wife's face when the so-called host was clowning her man about winning the Bowl and coming out of his brother's shadow. Embarrassing.

Overall, the show was decent. I am not a Timberfake fan, so that made it just a bit unbearable to watch, besides, his constant references to Memphis and Kansas were annoying. Get over it already, will ya?

It was great to see Kevin Everett walk on stage to accept his Jimmie V award, God is good all the time! It was also wonderful to see Ms. Robin Roberts and the Chicago homie Stu Scott there present the award. They are both brave and amazing in their own accomplishments and respective battles with cancer.

The honoring of Tommie Smith and John Carlos with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award was a proud moment indeed, as they seem to have put behind them, a few disagreements and hard feelings that have tainted their legacy over the years. It is likely that we shall never again see a black fist raised in a display of solidarity and black power, ever again. I feel an ESSPIN original movie coming.....

As for the "fits", everyone looked fairly nice. A man in a well-tailored suit NEVER gets old. Adrian Peterson looked VERY nice. Thumbs up to my girl Q, for her styling prowess with Mr. Whitaker and the Lady Baller, Ms. Parker.

The Maven

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