Say Chi City-Day One

It was a long day, but Day One at the crib didn't disappoint. I had a crack of dawn flight from LA and made it into O'Hare mid-afternoon. My girl Clarice picked me up and we went to meet another homegirl, Stella, for a bite and some spirits. Well, let's just say, spirited it was! I drank a carafe(small) and a half of Sake and they drank other wines and we laughed our black arses off for what seemed like hours. We were at some Thai spot in Indiana and I'm almost certain that our server was spittin' in our water becuz we were giving her the flux. I asked the broad for cold sake and she brings it room temp, so I had her rig an ice bucket out of a plastic pitcher. Who does that? Who chills their sake in a water pitcher? I do! My girls were laughing, reminding me that I wasn't in the City of Angels. I must caution you that it was still early, and even moreso for me since I was on Pacific time, but I digress because I LOVE drinks in the afternoon!

By the time Stella dropped me at my Pop's place, I was having difficulty forming sentences and I attempted to sit up with she and my Dad to chat, but it was futile. I had to shut it down. By 9 or 10, I was showered and in bed. Day one was done.

When I woke up this morning, I had text messages about a party I missed, but it didn't matter because I was hungover. My Dad was up, all bright-eyed, blasting Coltrane, telling me to get up. So, I did, and now we're in the streets and I'll holla at you all later, after I see my Momma or something. Thangs are just getiin' started 'round here!

The Maven

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