Shake It Fast, Watch Yo'self!

OhhhKaaaay! Earthquakes are not cute. I grew up with blizzards, and in comparison to an earthquake, I'll take the waste deep snow, bitter cold, and Lake Michigan whup-your-butt wind and chill.

The thing about the 'quake is that it is unpredictable. Its like that slap upside the back of your head from your momma, that you NEVER see coming. My friend here knows that I am a wuss about the 'quake, so he immediately hit me on the BB Messenger to see if I was okay (and to tease me). The cell phone service has been locked up and the news is abuzz with various reactions from citizens and experts alike.

I am not close to the Valley area where the earthquake took place, but I felt it nonetheless. It was also felt in Sin City and San Diego.

This one registered magnitude 5.4 and I am happy that it wasn't worse, but there is always talk of "the big one", and that makes me nervous. I don't wanna get caught with my boy shorts down, ya' know?

There is gonna be a big earthquake drill here in November and I will be there front and center!

I am gonna be about the business of getting a disaster preparedness kit. Water, blanket, radio, batteries, toilet paper, band-aids, canned goods, a good book, etc.

........'cuz you never know.

I'll holla back, The Wendy Williams Show is on.

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