Michelle, My Belle

Since I was a little girl, I've always been engaged by and excited for "our" moments to shine. Black folks being on TV was once a really big deal.

While some things may never alter, and the "struggle" may take much longer to end, my people have come a long way and hurdled some difficult obstacles. Our bar is always being raised and last night was no exception.

Watching Michelle Obama last night, present herself and her family to the world, brought chills to my spine and tears to my eyes (of course). These are moments that I never imagined I'd see. Witnessing the landslide election of a Black mayor in Chicago (R.I.P. Harold Washington) was one thing, but this right here.......there are no words!

Seeing this regal, beautiful, and smashingly intelligent woman, a Black woman, stand before that crowd and affirm her humanness, her pride, motherhood, and the love she has for her MAN, was obviously overdue, and right on time.

Women tend to take issue with one another for various ridiculous reasons, in addition to the sexism we face daily, but in that crowd, there were many misty and teary eyes, because Michelle touched the core of family and womanhood. I wish we could connect more on those most basic levels. The world would be a calmer place.

I'm not going to speak for all of my folks, because we are not a monolith. But, last night was a proud and unforgettable moment for me. It would have been better, only if I were there in person.

The Obama's are my First Family. Put that in your hater pipe and smoke it.


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