Yes, Barack IS Enough

Imagine a scene in a movie when they show a character, in slow motion, in a crowd of people or amid some type of hurried activity, but the sound is off, and all you hear is the character's breathing, while they look around at their surroundings.

Is that what Senator Obama felt last nite when he took the stage? Did he have a moment of peace and calm wash over him as he stepped boldly into his destiny?

I certainly hope so. I hope he took one moment to take it all in.

The speech was was fluid and confident. Purposeful and succinct. Obama came in like a verbal marksman and picked off his detractors with skill and GQ style.

Now, after bringing the funk, some are still asking, "what now?", "can he deliver on all those promises?", "is he ready to lead?", "is he qualified?". To those people, I ask, what is good enough? To those people, I say, don't worry so much about whether Obama is ready, ask yourself if you're ready. What role will you play? Will you sit idly by again, like we've mostly done during this awful Bush administration? Your answer should be no. I hope you get involved and help Barack hekp us all.

This man has laid it all out for you....his family tree and humble beginnings, his ivy league education and his selfless sacrifices to uplift others after graduation, his amazing choice in a spouse, whom he unashamedly references as "the love of my life", and his beautiful, all African-American little girls, who are just as normal, grounded and cute as some of your own.

His choice in a running mate is more than respectable, it is decidedly brilliant. His ability to move the crowd will be legendary.

I have resolved to ignore the naysayers and negativity. Some human beings are never satisfied. Everyone cannot be made happy and all are entitled to their own opinion. I say this though, get out the way if you don't want to get on board because this train is rolling full steam ahead. Change is here and it wasn't attained by ill-gotten gains. This change is of divine order.

I know there are a great number of people who won't vote for Obama because of his race, and some won't vote because they are still bitter about Hillary. Obviously, some are staunch Repubs and cannot fathom crossing party lines, but I think that the majority of those who are unsure are simply afraid of something different. To those individuals, I say, there is no better time than the present to face your fears, and if you're that damn scared, hit me up, I'll hold your trembling hand.

The Maven

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