A Monday Mind

So, Ive been taking a break. But, I missed y'all, so I'm back.

I'm attempting to limit my News intake. My obsession with all things political and Salty Balls Wall Street is affecting me daily and I'm not functioning properly as a result. I have not been sleeping normally because I'm disturbed and my mind is cloudy. Seriously, my name is Toss and Turn.

T.inaFey and A.myPoehler have served up some of the funniest shht SNL has broadcasted in YEARS with the P.alin spoofs! I'm sick of that cheerleader! What was that K.atieCouric interview all about? WHAT WAS SHE SAYING??? Anyone up for meeting me for a beer Thursday to watch the VP debate? I have GOT to see this.

I'm tired of all this money being wasted to bail out some knuckleheads I don't even know. We're not even sure if The Bailout Plan will work? Is there a Plan B? Can I slap someone?

We all need to strengthen our financial acumen and be more involved with our government because clearly, they need a chaperon.

The debate was a bit dry, and yes Big B missed some opportunities to take the Samo Sword to the old man, but he did a fair job and I tip my hat his way. Next time, though, he needs to get intellectually gully. I'm sure he knows how.

C.hrisRock put W.illiamJ.effersonC.linton on blast and I would personally like to thank him! Bill is so obviously bitter.

All of the above makes me feel like this....

Moving on........

Check out my girl Traceye Smith at RollingOut.com.

My Poppa said that Miracle at St. Anna is a MUST see. I will be going this week. What about you?

K.eyshawnJohnson makes waking up on Sunday mornings that much better. Bless him and E.SPN N.FL Sunday Countdown.

B.rettFavre. He may have very well saved my season. I won't know until tonight, as I have the R.avens defense playing to close it out, but I'm only thirteen points away from a W, and that is mainly because Brett was a scoring machine on Sunday. However, should I lose this week.....I am 0-4. Damn injuries!

Prayers for M.attBryant and A.nquanBolden. Football really is life.

My White Sox live to see another day! (SMILES)

That Bears D is ferocious when it counts!

I think its a shame that ATL is still having fuel issues. My boy CAB calls me to gripe and I feel so bad for him. My cousin tells tales of waiting in the car with her kids and its all one big hassle. Its affecting peoples home life, work and businesses. Why can't we get it together for disaster preparedness?

I'm telling y'all, we need to hold Uncle Sam more accountable. The problem is that we've been lulled to sleep with perks, amenities and fancy gadgets. We THINK all is good, until Mother Nature rolls through, or our banks fail, or we lose our homes, and then its like "Oh Snap". No more of that, get your ass prepared!

I was a greedy pig this weekend. I am ashamed to name all the stuff I've eaten. But it comes in spurts, and my ladies can identify the culprit. All I know is, food is good!

Went to my lil' cousin's Friday Night Lights football game. Its little league and he looked so cute. Just don't let his Daddy hear me say that!

Can't wait for that R.obinThicke album on Tuesday!

Happy Monday! Obama '08!

Lets hope for a quiet week.



Summer G said...

The "You Can't Win" vid almost cost me my job... FUNNY ISH! Oowweeeee.

God bless you for spicing up this already entertaining post with some good ole (OLD) MJ. Back before he sang everything in a whisper. :-)


The Maven said...

Summer G, my pleasure! Don't lose your your gig though, I can't support us both in these tough economic times!

freemanpress said...

Just found your blog. Good Post.

The Maven said...


Thanks for stopping by. Hope you stay tuned......