Say Rah!

I've been avoiding the political talk. I just didn't want to put my two cents in, mainly because its a circus and I'm just plain tired of it all.


The Red Party's version of the Bev Hillbillies is completely over the top. They've literally brought the Clampetts (oops, I meant the Pay-lins) all the way from the edge of the country, front and center to a Life of Washington.

I've always felt that the Bush son was a puppet for the machine, but this is just ridiculous; they've now gone and picked a woman to sit in as their new extreme right wing marionette.

Women, beware. Our overall credibility is at stake.

Sa.rah Pay-lin's delivery was great. She showed poise and confidence. But, did she really have a choice? She was coached to perfection by her puppeteers, which resulted in great reading of the speech written for her.

Never mind that her youngest child licked spit on her hand to smooth down her baby brother's (or nephew's) hair, then later used her index finger to pick his nose, "Pay" was at the podium laying wood to The Blue. Granted, there was no substance to the speech (family, blah blah, McSame, blah blah, war hero, blah blah, insults, blah blah) but her attack was deliberate, and scarily enough, could be defeating and successful if we aren't careful.

Basically, its showtime folks, and only the strong will survive. One of my boys seems to think that The Blue Party will surely curl up and die, or bend over, as I like to say, but I'm a contrarian, and I believe that The Blue is ready to rumble.

Has the Red Party spun another web of deception and lies? Of course! But what I will say is this, Red sticks together like glue. They know full and well that Say-Rah, their small town cheerleader, has the qualifications of a whore in church, but you will never hear them say it. Across party lines, they are in agreement that she is ready and fearless, a wonderful representation of what they stand for, just what the party needs! But, Blue has yet to learn this lesson. Blue takes two cars to the set, when one is clearly enough. Some of our self-proclaimed spokespersons, and oldskool squirrel's can't keep their pissy opinions and displeasure about O to themselves. Why does our divisiveness always have to be on front street?

Let me say this, words have power, and spoken from an ill-willed tongue, they can spell disaster. The Red Party will be speaking negatively about the The Blue from here on out, doing their darnedest to discredit and devalue the platform the O campaign has brilliantly and strategically built. I encourage you to speak truth to power. I caution you, not to relax.

In the weeks to come, the gravediggers of both Blue and Red will be working overtime to bury one another. Certainly, some things will surface that are sure to shake tail feathers and melt the pundits pancake makeup. So, anchor yourself. Be ready. Register someone to vote, donate to the campaign, make yourself useful.

By the way, tell me again, who is this woman?????



Invisible Woman said...

Avoiding political talk? Honey, this 1st page is full of it! lol

You are thoughtful in your views, and thank God, the punctuation and grammar is there, which seems to be slacking off as late in a lot of blogs I won't mention :-)

The Maven said...

@ I.W.

First, thanks so much for stopping by! Love your blog! You hip me to flicks and projects that I might not otherwise know about.

As for the politricks, I am spent! But, sometimes, you can't hold your tongue.... LOL