Allergy Schmallergy

My allergies are currently the bane of my existence. According to pollen.com, the counts in my area are medium to medium-high, which explains my suffering to some degree. But, I'm not new to this.

As a child, my summers were full of cold presses, snot rags, and B.enadryl. I can remember my mother looking at me with pity when my eyes were itchy, puffy, and often swollen shut. I spent many days sitting on the porch with a cool towel over my eyes, watching my homies play. Mosquito bites were also a HUGE problem. If I was bitten, rest assured that it would swell up into a knot and cause me great discomfort and sleepless nights. Who didn't get bitten by mosquitoes while outside playing in the summertime, so you understand my suffering, right?

Luckily, I've grown out of THAT, but I sill suffer and the symptoms have morphed into scratchy ears and throat from sinus irritation. Go figure.

I should probably mention that I went on a long, beautiful and peaceful walk this evening looking at beautiful homes and gardens, and have been exposed to all sorts of greenery and fresh air. (Smile)

My homegirl, and best friend from high school, Dr. J.M., is a pharmacist, and she suggested Z.yrtec; she also suggested I lay low at home after I take it.

I have taken one already, and I feel the drowsiness setting in, so I have to kick all of you to the curb.

Nite Nite


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