Countdown, Baby

So, today is The Football League's highly anticipated Kickoff Sunday!

Every year, millions of fans begin their weekly Fall ritual of couch potato-ing by watching countless hours of games and analysis, and eating artery clogging items off the menus of sports bars and chain restaurants. And, lets not forget the LIQUA!!

Usually, I subscribe to the Sunday Ticket, however, this season, I opted out because here, in LaLa, we get a wide variety of games due to our lack of a home team and the huge size of our tv market. I also opted out because it was an unnecessary expense (I'm exercising financial responsibility). :)

This time of year also signals an onslaught of Fantasy Football League's where diehards very seriously take on the task of "running their own teams", either for fun, bragging rights, or financial gain, but mostly for the latter. I can't hate though, because I've been playing faithfully in the same league for the last eight seasons. I've also joined Dallas Penn's Pick 'Em league and look forward to the challenge!

People always ask about my favorite team, and I have no definitive answer, other than I follow the Bears, cuz' I'm from The Chi, and I follow McNabb cuz' he's from The Chi. I follow the Raiders games because they are still much loved here in LaLa. The truth is, I just really dig this game and I'll watch just about any team, and if they have a Squirrel QB, that's a bonus.

Football season also reminds me of my late Granny Helen because she was a huge sports fan (where do you think I got it from?) and I spent lots of Sundays at her house watching games.

Now for the kicker....I start a class at 8 AM, this morning! Yes, I registered for a class that meets on Sundays for FIVE hours! I must have been HIGH, right? LOL! Well, not really, I am just on a mission so I had to sacrifice. It won't last all season long, and I will get to see the second round of games, so I'll be good. Just don't let me forget to set my lineup every week. The guys in my fantasy league are notorious for shht talking and I would never hear the end of it.

Happy Football Sunday folks!

Obama '08!

The Maven

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