Happy Anniversary, Love Birds!

Although it is seldom mentioned in the mainstream, the obvious love, admiration and respect shared between these two is very refreshing. While "Black love is beautiful" may seem cliche, the reality is, we cannot survive as a race of people without it. Furthermore, the entire human race will not survive without love.

Personally, the bond that The Obama's share gives me comfort and more confidence in a productive Obama presidency. When I see them together, its like I hear India.Arie singing, "boy, where are your people from......"

Without question, a loving, strong and balanced home life, reflects in our professional and social lives. There is great candor, I believe, to the phrase "behind every great man, there is a great woman" and in this case, nothing could be more true.

What do you think?


R. Werner said...

I think they enjoyed themselves that night cause the beef of security outside their house were cheering!!! LOL

freemanpress said...

I always say the Obama family will do a great service for our race. Through their example now we have a real life example that can be touched not acted like the Huxtables.

It makes not only you but everyone in a very public way see what life should be and gives us another reason to work harder than to quit.


what I think is this election is so much more than the OBAMA's. It's an afformation of what not only the US needs but what the WORLD needs. The world needs to see the US has tried and succeeded in making that next step into being civilized and out of the past. It needs to see some black babies running across the white house lawn. It needs to see another perspective other that the one it has witnessed over the last few centuries. The US needs to come to grips with its faults and say perhaps there is another view point than the one we've been forced fed for the longest. WE NEED Barck as much as he needs us. Just THINK about it, yall. consider this election as you do bad sex, do you really want more of the same?
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