Pig Tales

I am bacon's bitch.

Few things please my taste buds more than a slice of the swine.

I take mine extra crispy.

I like to hear it crunch as I chew.

I'm not mad if its slightly burned, I enjoy that taste too.

I love it when my bacon has cozied up next to some syrup on my plate.

I also love a good pork chop, fried (oh my, I could squeal with delight just thinking about it!) You see, Honey, my maternal grandma, she used to make fried apples, pork chops and biscuits, and it was my favorite thing in her culinary reportoire. Damn, I miss her.........

Now for the tricky part..........

I am thinking about divorcing pork (GASP.)

Don't worry, it won't be difficult.

I never cook it at the crib, I only have it when I'm at a restaurant.

I know many of you are anti-pig, and that's cool. I know its not good for you, but the pork industry came with it when they marketed their goods as "the other white meat."

So, I will keep you posted about my final decision, and if you love bacon as I do, BLESS YOU and as my girl Paper Doll says..."stay strong in the struggle!" LOL

The Maven

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