Is She Serious?

I am sitting here watching a P.alin interview on C.NN and I believe that I am going to relieve myself of the French Onion soup I ate for lunch.

First of all, why do I always feel like I'm at a hoe-down when she's speaking?

I have grown exceptionally tired of listening to her spew rhetoric, hatred and lies. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what she's speaking about. Who are J.oe The P.lumber, P.hil The Bric.klayer, R.ose The T.eacher, and "Tee-Toe The Builder". Are they pissed that now they will or have become points of national scrutiny? Does she have to address her crowds as if they are kindergarteners?

If you notice, Say-Rah, begins her talking points, aka, her run on sentences, with hopes that she sounds sensible or intellectual. However, she comes up snake eyes every time. She is a walking crapshoot, a bad dream, a worst case scenario. Seriously, SHE STILL CAN"T PROPERLY OUTLINE THE VP JOB DUTIES!!!!

According to this broad, I may not be a "real American". "Real America" is in small towns where folks "love this great country", work hard, are patriotic and love God. But I'm here to inform Ms. W.asilla, that although I don't live in a small town, I do live in a small apartment, drive a small car, and have a small amount of money in my bank account. Am I not good enough to be christened a "real American?"

See, S.arah, I'm AM a real American. Would you be mine, could you be mine, won't you be-my-neighbor? I mean, gee whiz Say-rah, you aren't averse to living next door to me are you? It will be okay.....I will cook a pot of collards and mustards for you, and you can hook me up with your favorite Moose stew and we can swap "war" stories about the pain our ancestors suffered while helping to make the country so wonderful. We spread the wealth a LONG time ago, in hot ass kitchens and cotton fields, so don't give me that B.S. about O.bama spreading the wealth and how bad that will be for "real Americans." Your coded talk doesn't fool anyone. You are playing to the fears of "real Americans" who want to maintain their piece of pie.

With Obama, there will just be more pie. And not apple. Sweet Potato.

If we dig deep enough through the recesses of the cyber mind, we find FEAR! Folks are afraid of a "black planet", where countless negroes will arise from the doldrums and spread Hip-Hop all over the world (oops, we already did that.) They should not worry though, we won't "take over", we will simply continue to make our dignified and important contributions to history and society as we've been doing all along.

Racism is alive and well and y'all better stop taking naps. Remember, our forefathers made moves in the shadows to get ahead. Things have not changed. Get your flashlight.


Anonymous said...

Hey Maven,

Been wondering where you've been - and you're back with a vengance. I'm with you - I can't stand the voice or the face or the words spilling out of her mouth. Keep the faith and take some souls to the polls.

Your Cuz - a michigan connection:)

The Maven said...

Hello Cousin, glad to hear from you! I apologize for the absence, sometimes, I gotta get my mind right. :)

Thanks for the support!

Ndgo said...

Hey There,

It's been a while I was just asking my sister Ms. Sophisticate what was up with the #1 Blogger.

You hit the nail on the head in every aspect of this. Who is a real American? That is an argument for the ages because for all intents and purposes it should the folks that built this mo'fo' but we know that's not the case.

All I know is that "middle" Amerikkka may not be able to function come November 5th in the year of OUR Lord two thousand eight!!!


The Maven said...

Ndgo, thanks for keeping up with me. :)

We are about to live "the time of our lives" and I cannot wait!