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Less than ten days, less than ten days, less than ten days............ VOTE!

This may be the largest voter turnout, ever, in the U.S.!

The reality of an O.bama presidency is becoming more and more real and I am beginning to feel many things, like, excitement, nervousness, anticipation, pride, restlessness, joy, weariness, and sadness that loved ones who are no longer with me, didn't live to experience this milestone in history.

Did I tell you that someone hit my living room window, with my O.bama sign as the obvious target? HATERS!

Does Mc.Cain cry himself to sleep at night? Is P.alin plotting for world domination? Is E.lizabethH.asselbeck her co-conspirator? Just how much MORE wealth did G.W. accrue over these past eight years? How many more Red Party's are going to come out in support of "That One", really?

The bailout was B.S.

The J. Hud tragedy has me shook. The Crib is no joke sometimes.

Its time for me to go back to braids. I'm over the fro'. I say this lovingly.

The 30th anniversary of The Wiz was this past week. I love that movie, and its subliminal messages. Q and them were on one when they filmed it. LOL!

Los Angeles weather has been superb.

Kindred has a new release. Gotta get it. Love them.

My mom loves Link TV (check your local listings) and I haven't revealed this to her, but I have grown to dig it too! Knowledge truly is power. This channel is chock full of educational goodness.

Speaking of knowledge, if we all seek the truth about our country's underbelly dealings within and abroad, all indications would point to a need for revolution. But, we don't want to know the truth, we can't HANDLE the truth. We're too afraid we might miss our favorite TV program.

Back in the day, I was a bartender. I worked in the same place for six years. GREAT memories. This past weekend, I was called upon to bar tend a private, family function for a friend. So, I decided to take it back a lil'. Cute bobbed wig, push-up bra, tight jeans, high-heeled boots and loads of charm....... and yes, I made out very well in my tip jar. Some things never change. LOL!!!

Set a new goal today. Create an opportunity for someone else.

I have a confession........I ate a bag of 'skins over the weekend. Bad girl.

Credit is evil, but is it a necessary evil? Pay cash dammit!

Did anyone watch the Bubba, Ed, and Ted H.ipH.op Awards? Sigh.

There is something blissful about consuming pizza and beer, maybe it has something to do with the nap you're forced to take afterward.

B.enR.oethlisberger and B.rettF.avre combined for 6 INT's on Sunday; they are my Fantasy Football QB's, so each week is a toss up for me as to which one I will start. My boy D.H. refers to me as "Season Over", LOL! Speaking of season over, can you say Cincy?

Donnie Mac held it down against A-Town, of course. Can I trade for him? I need to look into that; someone tell JT to holla at his girl. (JT is in my fantasy league.)

M.ikeS.ingletary is a head coach. This is gonna be interesting.

I.saiahT.homas,what really good?

Basketball season is here! When the basketball and football seasons overlap, life is good.

J.immyR.ollins and R.yanH.oward are delicious, and so are C.arlosP.ena and B.J.Upton, and that's all I have to say until there is a winner in this series.

Where is season three of The Boondocks? I have worn the first two seasons out, I know the dialog. Someone tell A.aron Mc.Gruder to holla at me. I NEED SEASON THREE!

Facebook is a helluva drug.

Keep your eye on this shht our gov'ment just pulled in Syria. What kind of timing is this?


The Maven

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