Before My Very Eyes

Have you ever watched someone you love and admire blossom and excel into the very thing you always knew they could be?

That's how I feel about my little brother. Granted, he's a grown man now, but to me he will always be the one I doted over and kept my girls away from (or tried to, at least).

Seeing this video, made by Sam's high school classmate, brings back great memories of his college games when the family would trek to Normal, Illinois and sit out in the brutal, midwest cold or the scorching heat to watch the games. Just so you know, he is a shut down Corner! What a special and magical time! It was a pleasure watching Sam and his teammates, some of which he is still cool with (what up Mondo, what up Wayne!), play their hearts out and battle for each other on that turf week after week.

What I love most about my little brother is that he is not a quitter. Yes, he had his brief stints in the NFL, but he never gave up and has made a place for himself in the CFL (I've since grown to adore Vancouver). He plays in Winnepeg now, on the same team as his college roomie, the then and now team QB, Kevin Glenn. They have grown to become remarkable and upstanding gentlemen and for that I am very grateful. They're in camp now, working hard and preparing for the coming season, and I can't wait to watch their games. Go Blue Bombers!

As always, Sister loves ya!

Hold it down!

The Maven

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