Hump Day Music - Ride With Obama

Blissful. That's how the moment felt for me. To hear Barack declare himself the Democratic nominee was bittersweet. To see he and Michelle standing strong together......there are no words. I am SO very proud!

Now, the real journey begins. If ever the Obama's needed our support, they really do now. I implore you to pray with conviction, encourage others to involve themselves in this historic political process, stand tall, donate to the campaign, and take all of this VERY seriously. You have witnessed history! Black History! American History!Be proud and express to your children, your relatives and friends, the importance and relevance of this time, just as our parents did for us in terms of The Civil Rights Movement, Malcolm, Martin, Shirley Chisholm, The Kennedy's, Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis, Jesse Jackson, Motown, etc......

Ride With Me - Emily King

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