Green Day

This is about golf. I don't know how to play, but after spending my work-related day at a lovely course in Malibu the other day, I am convinced that I must learn. First off, this is Southern Cali, so the weather is usually "boss".

It was an absolutely beautiful day, the tournament was charity driven and the participants were all accomplished and very pleasant urban professionals. One of the best elements of the day for me was the peacefulness. Ladies, if you're trippin' about the hours upon hours that your Squirrel spends on the links - just STOP. I completely understand why he's out there.....its relaxing and serene and he gets to chill with his boys, drink brew, compete and talk BIG shtt for an ENTIRE day. Trust me on this, for a man, this is major. They love us, but a day without "lip" or "mouth" is priceless.

I can speak on this because, although its a mans world, I can navigate it. I don't intrude, I blend in. Chameleon style. So perhaps you can join me for those lessons and get your weight up too. Plenty of our female counterparts already know this (shouts to my BFF, Dr. Dill) and they are playing and playing well. Plus, the networking, socially and professionally, is priceless.

Now, I will sit up and watch T Woods, but I have never been a golf "fan". I'm just convinced that all that beauty and quiet I felt whilst driving my cart around the course all day, has to be good for my mind, soul and spirit.

Be good,

The Maven

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