Sugar To Shht

Is there beauty in the uncertanties of life? If you view every experience, good or bad, as a lesson, then I suppose so. I am making concerted efforts to maintain this mindset.

Friday, my day began with a smile. Granted, its been hot enough here to fry some stank bologna on the ground, but I'm not complainin'; I just slap on some sunscreen (yes, Squirrels, we need to wear it too) and drink enough water to swim inside myself. Anyway, I was having a good day. My hormones were in check, so I wasn't my sometimes moody Capricorn self, and I was going about my day,productively. I was completing a project for a client at her place of business, when one of her employees received some upsetting news via cell phone. Apparently, there was disharmony in here household amongst her children, and the drama had this poor lady all twisted. There are moments when the Spirit urges you to witness, and this was definitely one of those times for me, so I asked her if she wanted to pray. She obliged, we embraced and I spoke to Jesus. Afterward, she let loose some of what she was feeling through tears and I too felt lighter, having shared in that moment with a stranger.

Fast forward to later in the day, and I get home to find a few things out of order in my own life. My how things change in the blink of an eye. Now it was my turn to worry and cry. I did what I had to do....I dropped to my knees and had a talk with The Father. I called my girl Dan Belle and vented to her as well, then I did my best to pull it together and continue on with my day. There were no instant solutions to my issues, but there were great lessons to be learned, and so I stand humbled.

Saturday, I got up and began the day with a smile, again. I did some work, then spent time with my friends (like twelve hours), eating and drinking, in the hot arse California sun. Fools gold, I'll call it, because Sunday morning, I was beat down! I spent the afternoon with my lil' cousins (see Who Moved My Chucky Cheese's), and we had a pretty chill day. They swam and I watched.

I relay all of this to say that the daily occurrences, the twists and turns, the Sugars and Shhts of life, are simply that. Hill Clint knows this firsthand. Seldom do we have great control over life, and its best to be faithful and kind, while doing the best you can do, when you can. Oh, and don't forget to smile!

The Maven


Muze said...

a smile changes the dynamics of a bad day. immensely. i think we all could stand to smile more and more.

chuck e. cheese was the bomb.

The Maven said...

Muze, I hope you shared a few smiles today! Thanks for stopping by. Look for another story about Snoopy and Junebug sometime in ther near future.