Bulls Eye

So, I'm talkin' to my homeboy Drewski, he's like a brother to me and our conversations are legendary. He plays in one of those "I'm Still Tryin' To Hold On To My Youth" basketball leagues. You know the kind where guys in their mid to late thirties and forties, sacrifice life and limb for a few hours of bragging rights and bravado. Apparently last night during one of these geriatric games, an opponent inadvertently gave him a gash over his eye while going for the ball.

As he recounted the mishap, and all its bloody mess, AND his subsequent dizziness, he initially had me thinking that his cornea had been scratched. Once upon a time, I suffered an eye injury, diagnosed as Hyphema, so I don't take things like this lightly. According to him, this injury required stitches. The cut was in the eyelid area; the cornea was unscathed. That was good for him, but he was still hurt.

At this point, our conversation went something like this:

Maven: "So, did you go to the Emergency room and get stitches?"

Drewski: "I should have, but nah. I took a shower at the gym and rinsed the cut good."

Maven: (Thinking to self, "Okaaaaaay")

Drewski: I put some peroxide on it when I got home. [Daughter] said "Daddy why is your eye red? Why are you bleeding?"

Maven: "What did wifey say?"

Drewski: She didn't say nothin', she's use to me getting hurt."

Our conversation then turned to the possibility of a Lakers - Boston Finals, before it eventually returned to the gash.

Maven: "So at what point are you gonna drive over to Emergency?"

Drewski: "I'm not going. What's the point? So I can sit there all night?" "It takes to long to go to the Emergency Room."

Maven: "So you're just gonna let it heal on it's own and risk a keloid, huh? That's how you do it."

Drewski: "Why you gotta go and jinx me like that?"

Maven: "No jinx. I'm just saying." "You would rather risk walking around for the rest of your life with a big ass scar, than spend a few hours to get stitches and make sure your injury isn't worse than what you think it is."

Drewski: "I'm damn near forty, what difference does it make? No one is going to be on me like that!"

Maven: "Squirrel! You're almost forty, not almost sixty!"

Drewski: "I'm not going."

Maven: "Oh, okay. So, you wanna walk around looking like Mitc.h Gree.n for a few days?" (Laughing)

Dreski: (With a chuckle) "Riiiight!!"

Maven: "You have officially earned yourself a blog post!"

At that point we pretty much got off the phone. I can't wait to see how this turns out, men are stubborn creatures. For this Drewski has earned a big fat "Squirrel Please! This is Toe Jam at its best.

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