Cabin Fever

I have been holed up in my bungalow for five long days. I've had the flu. It's been cold and rainy here, so I wasn't trippin' so much. Besides, when it rains in LA, folks seem to be a little inept at maneuvering there vehicles on the slick pavement. Since I grew up driving in blizzards and such, I consider myself an ace behind the wheel in inclement weather, so I get a little snooty and choose to stay clear of the streets.

Well, today the weather finally broke, and the sun was shining brightly, so I decided to venture out. Part of my decision was due to a conversation I had with a friend back home who has a former classmate that is very ill and in the hospital. He was telling me how his buddy just wanted to go home, wished to be able to take a real bath, and to have his feet rubbed. This man has been hospitalized for some time now and he is missing the simple pleasures in life. There are small blessings that we take for granted everyday. We rarely think about the beauty in waking up and doing just what we want to do, when we want to do it.
When I got in the car, my intention was to head to the store for a few items and get back to catch some college hoops, but when the fresh So Cal air hit my face, I had a change of plans. The sky was so clear and I could see the mountains. That is one of the benefits of the rain here; it washes away the smog. Everything was so green and fresh. I quickly returned home to get my camera. Some things must be shared. Here are some pics in and around my cozy Santa Monica today.
I hope you enjoy them.
The Maven

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed them........maybe I will move to cali......naaw. I'm trippin.