Ball Hog

Weekends like this were made for sports junkies. I am in heaven, albeit a bit dizzy from all the channel flippin'. When your two favorite sporting seasons overlap, it is like being a kid in the candy store.

My morning began with a healthy dose of football pre-game folly. I was once a loyal fan of Fox NFL Sunday, but then JB left, and I just could not get into it anymore, so I followed JB to CBS, but even that show is not the same without Neon.

Then ESPiN saved the day. They gave me Keyshawn! I am devoted and true. I'm always pleased to wake up and see Key's chocolaty goodness. His stylist gets an "A" from me, because the man is always "drobed" and lays a suit like no one's business. His sense of style seemed to have rubbed off on Da Coach too because he's been looking nice lately (in an old sugar-daddy kind of way.) Keyshawn is also bold in his commentary and cuts slack for no one. FYI, he's not a fan of one such S. Alexander and he pulled no punches when he sat down for an interview (heart to heart) with his own kin, one such C. Johnson. All in all, the ESPiN Sunday NFL Countdown gets my vote. Boomer Berman does his thing effortlessly and the chemistry between the guys is good, except for a few cringe inducing blunders here and there from that Hall of Fame, Dancing With The Stars champion.

As I type, I am watching the Titans and Chargers, in what has turned out to be a defensive battle. Mr. Young has been running for his life in the backfield. Rivers, at one point, was on the sideline barking at folks like a rabid dog. Antonio Gates' beautiful smile turned to a frown when he was carted off on a stretcher with what seems like a foot injury, and LT seems to be warming it up as The Bolts have taken the lead. It's probably a wrap for Young Vince's first attempt at a taste of P.O. (that's playoff) glory.

In the early game, I had high hopes for the Bucs, however, the Giants and their ghastly QB, made believers out of their loyal NY fans by winning their first playoff game in seven years.

On the League Pass the Bobs got off to a slow start in their empty arena against the Bucks, but they seem to have found a lil' rhythm, thanks to G. Wallace, and now its a game. The Rap seemed to have the Cavs beat until LBJ found a lil' inspiration in the form of two heckling sistahs who bent his ear from their floor seats. Apparently, Bron Bron does not play that.

Last night, during the Celtics-Pistons match up, perhaps a star was born. Rookie Glen Davis showed out with solid stats, in about 20 minutes. He is not a baby anymore, just big. As in, he showed up big time for his team. New nickname please! That game did not disappoint, and I hope that was a glimpse of what the Eastern Conference finals will be. In the words of my homeboy Andrew, "it was a baaarn burnah!"

Nice to see CP3 handling his biz against Nash in the PHX-NOH game, I still wish the Hawks had drafted him.

Speaking of my baby Hawks. I just think their biggest liability is the coaching, and the lets not forget the ownership drama. The grownups are acting worse than the kids. It's a shame.

Anyway, I'm out. I need a little break before the evening B Ball games.

The Maven


1969 said...

Thanks for checking out my blog.

You are a sports fan? Oh yes, you and I are going to get along quite nicely!

And yes, it will happen for you. This is YOUR year.

The Maven said...


Thanks for checking in! Welcome! I love your blog, and I wish your Giants well against the Big D this weekend, although I will be sitting as the opposition! (Smile)