On and Poppin'

Here we are Ladies and Gentlemen, on the verge of history, graced with the opportunity to make history, in what is a historic moment in the political and Democratic processes. Man or Woman, Black or White, Barack or Billary.

Frankly, I am not interested in how or whom you choose. That is private. I just want to make sure that you exercise your privilege and right to do so. Please VOTE! I could launch into a diatribe about our fore parents and their battles to ensure that the voices of the people are counted and heard, but I'm saving that for a near future post. This is about apples and oranges. Flex your muscle, head to the polls, and vote with your heart and mind.

Personally, I am excited to go to the polls Tuesday. That lil' pickaninny with the cornrows and gangly stature you'll see, literally skipping down the street on her way to Grant Elementary to cast a vote? Yeah buddy, that will be me!

As this moment approaches, I am reminded of the days of The Honorable Harold Washington in Chicago. I was an eighth grader at the time of his first election, and I can remember the excitement and pride felt amongst the people of the city. I was passing out buttons and everything! I was a child, but ooh wee, I was amped! Are you sharing these times with your children? Are you taking this opportunity to teach them about political process? I sure hope so. Trust me, they will never forget.

I must also point out that because of the never-before-seen circumstances of this Primary, Black women might find ourselves between a rock and a hard place in our decision making. Our choice lies on the cusp of race AND gender; the very same classifications by which we are judged on a daily basis. If there was ever a time when we should feel important, that time is now. Forget about the fact that the universal standard of beauty is an image completely opposite of your own. Forget about your battle in the boardroom. Forget the subtle yet disparaging remarks against your character and existence made by the mainstream media on a regular basis. Forget what our own community regurgitates to us about ourselves in the name of entertainment and fame. Ladies, if ever there was a moment for you to shine and have a personal victory, it will be Tuesday!

Ladies and Gentlemen encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to immerse themselves in this electrifying time of our lives. Gather all the information you can. Read the paper and the Internet, listen to the candidates, watch the pundits on the news outlets (they're so entertaining). This is amazing, I tell you, and in our lifetime, we may never see it again. My grandparents didn't live to see it, but I can imagine them chiming in anyway. They would be excited too.

The Maven

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