High Speed Foolishness

When you live in LA, it is customary to see a car chase on the news, morning, noon, or night. Some random squirrels decided to go to The OC and rob a bank. Now live and in color on my television set, these fools have engaged the PoPo on a high speed (100 mph) chase down the 405 back towards the city. Once they got on the local streets, they began tossing the money out of the windows and making it rain for the 'hood! Then the ride crashed into a palm tree behind the Crenshaw Mall, and four squirrels jumped out running. One was caught. The area is on lockdown. The FBI has arrived. I am sure this is a wrap.

After living here for six years, I am still not sure why these car/police chases are newsworthy, but this Hollywood, and Brit Spears gets more tv time than our presidential hopefuls. Go figure.

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