The Year Is New

Happy New Year,

I am so excited to see 2 Dub Z 8! Last night's year-ending countdown was like a breath of fresh air. I even shed a few tears. I told '07 to kick rocks! Remember that skit from Chapelle Show, when after getting O pregnant, Dave went to the office and quit, kicking trash cans and telling folks to kiss his tail? That's how I felt at midnight. Hilarious, right? You see, there is nothing like a new start. January 1st is that one gift you can always count on; it is sure and certain. It offers you the opportunity to begin anew.

After making it home sometime this morning. I popped my private bottle, had a slice of birthday cake, and watched Auntie Mame (the 1958, Rosalind Russell version) until I fell asleep. I just love that movie. Mame and her best friend Vera were two bad broads, and they LIVED! Mame says, and I quote, "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death." Basically, take your seat at the table of life, and eat!

I watched the Illinois-USC game today. Realistically, it was just the USC game. Nothing more needs to be said.

Look for a new entry by weeks end. I must get used to the blogosphere, so bear with me as I work out the kinks.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and New Year's blessings!

Two fingers,

The Maven aka Christie Luv

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Marcella said...

Christie Luv..............ohhhh weee forgot what a fool you can be !!!! Holla

Da Momma