Barack, Michelle, and Us

Well, it looks like we will be in for a long night. Election coverage is predicting a very, very tight race. There is still time to get to the polls if you have yet to do so. Please don't forget about your delegates where applicable. Also, if you are unaffiliated or independent, make sure you get clarification about your specific voting process once you arrive to the the polling place. Also, make sure you are voting in a Democratic booth.

As for me, I cast my vote around 9:15 this morning. It was very quiet. My polling place is the local elementary school, and I imagine that many parents voted when they dropped there babies off for class, or will flood the joint after work this evening.

My Midwest and East Coast folks have checked in and have handled their buisiness. I want to say whats up to all my peeps in London Towne, South Side Chicago. I know how exciting the polling place is there. It makes a difference when you vote amongst familiar faces. Hold it down, as always.

Like myself, The Lady (Mom) is in Chicago glued to the tube. I spoke to my cousin in Cashville, and she is also posted up for the night, ready for history to unfold.

On a sour note, I just received a call from my girl ARJ in Mary Land, and she said that folks are calling in to the Michael Baisden Show with complaints and grief about their polling experiences. Some are being told that they are not registered at all or registered in a different party, or as an independent. Verify your registration status! Even if your voting attempt/opportunity is somehow thwarted today, straighten out your registration status before November.

I'll check in with you later.

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