Grow Out Blow Out

I love my hair. I really do. Women tend to have a love/hate relationship with their hair. We wish it long, we wish it short. We like ir curly, we like it straight. Braid it, press it. Relax it, color it. TRIM IT! Arrrrgggh! It can be frustrating. I rocked a VERY cute short and fly cut for several years. Think Ms. Nia Long in "The Best Man." Eventually, I decided it was time for CHANGE. (Smiles)

I've been in the process of the "grow out" since last summer, and it is a daunting task. I have three different textures at once, which is not uncommon for a woman of color. The front is thin and soft, the middle and sides are soft and 360 degree curly, and the nape.....let's just say it's tight-fisted! LOL!

Today, my stylist, Brown (that's what I call her) trimmed my hair. The last bit of relaxer that was hanging on at the ends, is gone! I AM COMPETELY NATURAL. There is a weight lifted when you accept yourself just as the Good Lord made ya. It IS what it IS. My hair is healthy, and it feels good. Mind you, I must keep it conditioned and moisturized, but there are no chemicals, and my 'fro is in full effect. I cornrow it at night before bed to give it crinkles and texture by day. It's a tedious process, yet necessary, as I am not interested in rocking a perfectly neat, move no mountain type afro. Mine has to be funky and off-kilter, more on the Christie Love tip, besides, my Cali cousins complement me on it. I must add that my Cali cousins usually give me H-E-Double Hocky Sticks about EVERYTHING (I'm like the sister they never had), so their approval speaks volumes.

I also have an adorable wig that I wear sometimes. For some reason, it is a white boy magnet! LOL!

I will probably have my hair braided again soon. I love individual braids, because they offer a great deal of convenience and freedom. My hair is growing nicely, and the braids, properly maintained, give it a chance to grow without interruption.

There was a woman in the salon today, having her hair done by the owner. She had my dream hair style, and it gave me inspiration to continue with my journey of the "grow out!" I will update you in another six weeks after my next trim. Until then, I will continue to handle my hair with care and love, take my vitamins, and envision myself with that perfect style.

Do you love your 'do?

-The Maven

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