Hump Day House Music

This is edition of Hump Day House Music is again inspired by Senator Obama and is also dedicated to the lovely Michelle Obama. She CLEARLY gets down for her family; a true force to be reckoned with and she keeps it classy!

Folks have been talking real greasy about the Obama's lately. Their responses to all this b.s. have magnified the obvious love and respect they have for one another. They show a united front, and for that I appreciate them greatly.

On that claim of plagiarism, Governor Deval Patrick held it down AND shut it down, didn't he?????? Folks been lifting elements from our culture for centuries, but all of a sudden, this is an issue. Go figure.

By the way, great job Wisconsin! To Hawaii, I say "Mahalo nui loa!"
You both deserve a soul clap!

Enjoy the sounds.......

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