Get Yo' Man Chicken

I am a subscriber to the NBA League Pass. Depending on whose playing, I get to see interesting local commercials from different cities. One such commercial is from Neely's BBQ in Memphis as well as Cashville, TN. Their commercials are down home and friendly. I especially enjoy when they talk about their dry-rubbed ribs. That just tickles me, because I've never had any. In my home town of Chicago, the Que is served a little differently. No knock on Memphis' style though, I'd actually like to try Neely's. Well, yesterday, I was watching the tube, and I saw a promo for a new cooking show on Food Network. It is called "Down Home With The Neelys". I said "hot damn"! I immediately set Tivo to record the show. I've just watched it and it's cute. I appreciate the spin, because they emphasize the enhancement of their marriage as it relates to the time they spend together in the kitchen. The Neely's appear to be a very warm and loving couple and I adore their southern twang. In this episode called "Courting Pat", Gina cooks her famous "Get Yo' Man Chicken." Apparently, the husband, Pat, loves chicken, and this dish is one of his favorites. All in all, I dig the show and will definitely watch it again. Its nice to see some folks like me on Food Network.

By the way, I just read some out-of-touch broad's review of the show, and she had the nerve to liken it to Good Times meets Paula Deen. Wrong. I suppose there are some people out there that believe we all live or have lived the life of James and Florida Evans. Whatever. I say, cook on Pat and Gina! I am very happy to see you.

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