One Down One To Go

The New York Football Giants won Super Bowl XLII. They are the champs. They methodically slayed the evil dragon. I am overjoyed! I must admit, I was not excited for this game. I am not a fan of either team. I just wanted to see the Patriots taste defeat. Safe to say, they are feasting right now. This will go down as one of the hugest upsets in sports history. Mercury Morris is happy, at least for today. Heck, the entire '72 Dolphins team is happy. The city of New York is happy. Plaxico Burress and his puppy dog eyes really melted my heart when he cried tears of joy. Women like a sensitive man........sometimes. As for the New England Pats and the NFL commissioner, may you live happily ever after, together, under that shroud of secrecy you've created called Spygate. Shhhh, I hear Arlen Spector's footsteps. Ha!

Now that the Pats are out of the way, it's Hillary's turn. Like I said, one down, one to go.



1969 said...

Maven...thanks for the congrats and for stopping by.

Yes, let the investigations commence. CHEATERS.

This one was for the Rams. The Patriots owe them for cheating in that Superbowl. LOL

The Maven said...

1969.....no problem. Just have my back when the Bears roll around again. :)

I will be following that CHEATERS story very closely. They won't get the M. Vick treatment, though, and that's a damn shame.

Take it easy.