Hump Day Music: Obama Edition 2

Occasionally, I will deviate from Chicago House Music, and play something that seems relevant for the moment. Today, it's Earth, Wind & Fire.

Our champion, Barack, is in a tight race. Please continue to support his campaign. Encourage your peeps whose caucuses or primaries have yet to take place. This will be a well fought victory for him come August, if we are steadfast. For those folks you know who "don't vote", like relatives and co-workers, snatch them up in the collar, and lay down the law! Oh, and holla at your Latino friends, break it down for them. Right now, they are heavily rollin' with Clinton.

If I could meet him today, my message of encouragement would sound like this:

Lyrics here. Thanks, Yahoo Music!


Anonymous said...

AMAZING !!! Be Ever Wonderful is the perfect song to dedicate to the man - "OBAMA". I agree 100% with your dedication and I will break out in song if I ever see him walking the streets of Chi!:-) You know I am not just "Da Mama" - now I am "Obama Mama".

The Maven said...

Obama Mama, isn't that a JAM? I think EWF is a bleesing from above. Their music is timeless. Now don't run our President off with those off key notes you try to hold. (Smiles)