Game Notes

And then there were four. The Eastern and Western Conference Finals are finally upon us. Boston vs. Detroit and Los Angeles vs. San Antonio. Home court advantage did what it was supposed to do for the Celtics and the Lakers, it delivered a win for each.

The Lakers barely pulled theirs out though. Smooches to KB24 for throwing the dagger in the end as a MVP should. Your first half antics, or lack thereof can be forgiven. I'm catching up on all the highlights on Sportcenter as I write since I was in class for the duration of the game. L.O. blocked The Big Fundamentals twice! I saw Pow Wow getting his block on too! The Spaniard is never scared!

In Tuesdays Celtics - Pistons match up, it was clear that Sugar Ray's mojo had resurfaced. Damn, that man can shoot the rock. Anyway, this will be a hard fought battle, and if Boston can't get on the good foot at The Palace of Auburn Hills (they are 0-6 on the road this playoff season) they are gonna be home pickin' toe jam sooner than they would like. And how about RoDney StuckEy? He could be the X Factor for Detroit. I love an X Factor. I love that the playoffs are an amazing opportunity for a youngster to strut his stuff. Besides, he's learning from Chauncey B., it doesn't get much better than that.

The draft lottery netted my home town team the number one pick in June's Basketball League draft. Go Bulls! Don't screw this up, OK? Your track record on fostering and securing talent has been suspect for many years now. Of course, I will recommend taking the home grown talent in D. Rose. South Side. The Meon. How can you go wrong? However, I'm sure either way you go, Rose or Beasley, it will be a good look. After that's out the way, please go out and get a Big Man! 2008 is the year of new beginnings. Take note.

I think the O.range J.uice and Mayo.nnaise saga is gonna get worse before it gets better. The mere thought of any wrongdoing in this situation screams for the need of regulation and reform. I will get into my thoughts on the bigger picture at a date.

Fine ass Al P.ujols was doing serious damage tonight in San Diego, literally. First he unintentionally hit a pitch on C.hris Young that hit Young in the face, causing blood to gush like a crystal geyser. Prognosis, broken nose. Then, he unintentionally slid into home plate and steam rolled over the ankle of catcher J.osh B.ard. Prognosis, The Cards won the game, but Al seemed very remorseful in the end. They will be in LA for a few days to play my second home team Dodgers. Maybe I'll dip to a game at the stadium for a closer look at his Dominican goodness.

My Baseball League heart belongs to The Chi White Sox and they are killin' it right now with the seven game dub streak. Much love to J.ermaine D.ye (my girl A. Renee J. adores you) for coming up big in Cleveland with the two homers.
South Side forever!

Note to Football Leaguers............the owners are gonna bend you over in 2011. Stand tall. Stay strong in the struggle. Demand your worth. Most importantly, send Eugene packin' as soon as possible! I don't think he's your friend.

The Maven


ROCK said...

MAVEN, can I copy and past this particular Monday Mind on the CHI-Jedi site? I think you addressed some points one of our posters put out there. Also, what's up with the tale of just met you? I get mad requests for the sequels. I'm game if you and Belle are. What the deal?

The Maven said...

Jedi, I'm okay with the repost. I"ll speak to Belle about a sequel. It might be a completely diferrent caper, though.