Grow Out Blow Out: Part Deux

Baby, its a heatwave! The weather here in LA has been delightfully scorching, if that makes sense. It's only mid-May, so I'm a bit concerned as to what the summer will hold, but what can a Squirrel Woman do?

One thing I can do is braid this bird's nest back up! LOL! That's right y'all, I am still in the process of growing my hair out. Almost two weeks ago, I took my braids down, and I must say, I am happy with the progress. I've been washing and conditioning my naturalness, and the 'fro is beautiful for a day or two, then it starts to look all "woe is me".

I've held out long enough, especially considering the heat. I don't want to spend my time, indoors, tending my "crop", when I could be out having an afternoon cocktail and a delectable appetizer.

Granted, I don't mind looking like Jesus' sister, all woolen and bronze, but I've got to remedy this, so..........after I catch this Celtics-Cavs Game 7, I'm headed to the braid chair at 3 o'clock. Compton, here I come!

I'll holla at you Squirrels later.

The Maven

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