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Natural disasters have taken the lives of THOUSANDS of people in Myanmar and China's Sichuan province. Pray for our Asian brethren. Please recall how you felt when we watched our own folks helplessly suffering and dying in Louisiana and Mississippi in 2005. Though it may not seem the same...........it really is. Heartbreak and despair doesn't feel any different just because its on another continent.

Do worldly occurrences seem so bad because we have unlimited access to information and the media is now able to report from every little crack and crevice on the globe? Or, as my friend Stella wonders, are we approaching the return of Christ?

Historically black Morehouse College had its first White valedictorian this year. Some folks are trippin' and have there tightee whiteez all in a bunch. I say get the F over it, we're about to have our first Black president. Morons!

I'm a bit concerned about the future of our nation because our children aren't measuring up academically (especially in math and science) to some of our global counterparts. As adults, we are asleep at the wheel. You can continue to allow the gap between class and economic status widen if you want to........I'm just sayin'.

FYI, Best Buy has a product replacement plan, so the next time you shop there, ask about it. If I'd agreed to take it when I purchased my last camera, I'd be able to return this P.O.S. for another one. Note to self: get what you really want, the first go 'round!

The Celts eked out a win against Bron Bron and his boyz, now they have to go toe to toe with C Billz and the D Trois crew. As much as I'd like to see Jesus Shuttlesworth, The Big Ticket and The Truth get a chance to get smacked by The Lake Show, I say.........good luck against the Pistons. You're gonna need it.

Speaking of the Lakers, who will they play? The Hornets or the Spurs? Personally, I would prefer to see them play the youngsters of N.O., but tonight we'll get our answer. Plus, we also get to laugh with Ernie, Kenny and Charles. Halftime at its

Back to the subject of LB James.......Yo, Cleveland! Get that boy some help! We Capricorns are dynamic and phenomenal human beings, but even the most genius among us need a lil' assistance at times.

Barack and the fam were in Oregon yesterday. Did you see that sea of folks that came out to support them? I'll be damned if I didn't wish to be a documentarian or photo journalist right about now. Can you imagine what it would be like to follow him around on this journey?

Speaking of the Senator, I am collecting his magazine covers for my future babies. They deserve to share in these historical moments as best as possible.

Also, Sean Damn-ity on Fo.x News needs to back up off Michelle Obama. He has seen no wrath like that of millions of black women coming down on his candy ass if he doesn't raise up.

Dear Man and Woman of My Image, here is another ridiculous example of the undervaluing of your chocolate life.

It's Monday y'all. Be easy.

The Maven

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