Tears Of........

I am prone to crying. I'm an emotional beast. It seems that my tear ducts are always loaded and the slightest, most tender things set them off. I have three friends in particular who are equally as sensitive, they cry at the drop of a dime, just like Justine on Run's House. You broads know who you are so I won't put you on blast.

Continuing on, I get completely overwhelmed and misty when I see hummingbird's up close or a full, glowing moon. These two phenomena are the most delightful, beautiful and calming things I've ever laid my big brown eyes upon.

As I was growing up, I cried when I got picked on for being a bean pole.

I tear up when I think someone I love or care for is hurting or sad and obviously I can say the same for those times when I am pained or melancholy.

I cry often when I think of loved ones I've lost, especially my grandmothers. There is an inexplicable emptiness without them around.

Sometimes, I still let a tear drop when I remember Hurricane Katrina and how my people's bodies were floating around in that murky water.

I cry when I feel I've disappointed someone.

I cry when I've let myself down, like the time I dropped my cats off at the shelter.

I cry when I am in the midst of PMS.

I cry when I feel a Jones coming on behind some Squirrel I call myself liking.

I cry when I see stories of triumph and major accomplishment on t.v., or when I learn of something wonderful and charitable that has been done to help people in need.

My tears are never spared on some of my favorite flicks like Love Jones, Shakespeare In Love, The Color Purple, The Wiz, and Imitation of Life. I also cried the first time The Boondocks aired their Season One classic episodes, Return Of The King and The Passion Of Reverend Ruckus.

I still cry during A Different World, when in 1992, Dwayne Wayne wedding crashed and rose up to ask of Whitley, "will you?", as she stood at the altar to marry Byron. I have this episode saved on my Tivo.

I cried when Martin proposed to Gina.

I cry sometimes when I'm talking to the Lord.

Lately, I'm always choking back tears whenever I'm around kids. My maternal clock is wreaking havoc on me.

Now don't get me wrong, I certainly cry when I'm happy. Why, just tonight I shed a tear of joy because I finished the first phase of a goal I've set for myself.

Whenever my parents come to visit me, I get so excited once I get to the airport, that I cry then too.

I cried when my best friend recently obtained her PhD.

I cry during gut bucket laughter everytime I talk to my homegirl Clark-Crittle. She's the funniest person I know.

I cried at the weddings of two of my girls last summer and fall. They were both gorgeous brides.

Trust and believe that the tears will be joyfully and proudly flowing when Barack is finally our President.

I believe my tears are my fountain of youth; keeps my soul replenished; keeps me youthful and breathtakingly fine! LOL! (I'm serious)

I share all this with you so that you may feel liberated to cry or boo hoo with the ugly face, for whatever reasons move you. Really, it's ok. And, if you have any problems tapping into that part of your emotions, just imagine that I am weeping on your behalf, because as you can see, I am not a tear-phobe. I cry all the time! (Smile)

Have a WONDERFUL day!

The Maven

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