In Honor of The Lady

There is a scene in the movie The Joy Luck Club, where the main character, June, tells a story to a little girl about a feather and a mother's good intentions. The story speaks to the core of a mother's love for her child. I've seen this movie countless times, and each time I watch it this scene sticks out as one that touches me deeply. Although I've yet to cross the threshold of motherhood, I am certain that when God's blessing pours upon me in that way, I will be more than ready. I say this so boldly because I have the greatest mother in the world, a shining example of womanhood and humanity.

I call her Ladyjane and here on the blog, I always refer to her as "The Lady". My mother and I have become great friends over the years, which is one of the greatest points in a mother-daughter relationship. She celebrates my victories, gives me a shoulder to cry on when I'm hurt, shares in my secrets, and laughs along with me when I'm in a silly mood. She taught me to accept and love myself in spite of what others had to say. You see, I used to catch the blues as a child. I was a late bloomer in every sense of the phrase. The Lady made sure I knew that it was okay to look like Olive Oyl, have nappy hair, and brown skin.

I want to thank her for her many sacrifices throughout the years. As I become older, I understand the magnitude of those sacrifices more and more. My parents married at a young age, and my mom gave birth to me at a young age. I realize that all the things she allowed and encouraged me to do as I was growing up, are perhaps things she didn't get to experience because I was hanging off her ta ta's. She afforded me dance lessons, AWANA Club, summer camps, road trips, enhanced educational experiences and tools, braces, my first car.....I could go on, but you get the point.

Our mother's want nothing but the best for us, but most of all, I believe, they want us to avoid their pitfalls, mistakes, heartaches, and disappointments. They often wish they could take our places, to shield us from life's harshness. Over the years they fed us, clothed us, disciplined us, educated us, and loved our dirty "draws", all in the hopes that we'd turn out to be respectable and productive.

I'd like to let The Lady know that she prepared me well, I'm proud that she is my mom and I do my best not to embarrass her when I'm out in the streets!

Happy Mother's Day, girl!

The Maven

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Anonymous said...

Well put my sistah and I know "The Lady" is proud of you as well....DA MOMMA