The Monday Mind

What would my life be without a game or match to watch? Long live sports! Go Serena! Go Memphis! I didn't have Memphis going this far in my brackets, but the youngin', D. Rose, from The Crib (that's Chicago) has made me a believer.
Go Lakers! Go White Sox! Will someone please resuscitate The Bulls?

I attended the Lakers-Mavericks game Friday night. Staples Center was rockin'! Lamar Odom is my favorite Laker. He showed up for his team when Dallas had the clamps on KB24. That Dirk had his shot fallin' like raindrops. I didn't understand some of P. Jax's substitutions, but it worked, and it was a good game. There's something about that Zen philosophy....

Why do I impose a bedtime for myself, then F it off by watching the idiot box until my eyes burn. I just can't seem to go to sleep without having watched The Jeffersons.

Family is a blessing. I spent Saturday evening with my baby brother, Sam-U-El. He's been here visiting for a few days, tearing LA up with his homeboys and Cousin Pat. It was great to see them, they've grown into great men. We rolled through Roscoe's and ate ourselves into oblivion. I spent the early part of Sunday with my LA fam, for a christening. Baby Malia slept through most of the ceremony, but she was cute as a button!

Friends are a blessing. I spent the latter part of Sunday with my girl Dan Belle and her daughter, whom I affectionately call "Pippi". I won't tell her mama that Pip is plotting to find her a husband. She whispered this to me, so I'm sworn to secrecy. I thought it was adorable.

I've grown terribly weary of the Clinton campaign. Yes, my side-eye has now turned into a full, eye-rollin', stank azz stare down. On some token, I admire her for not giving up the fight, but I wonder how much more of her truth-stretching, arid humor, and pseudo pulpit swagger must be endured. Damn The Dems! We need a resolution!

Obama '08

The sister from NYC was voted off Oprah's Big Give. I'm sorry Babygirl, but it was time. I'd also grown tired of you looking like a broke down Whitney, each time you opened your mouth to sing. You're a beast about your biz though, polish it off and you can murda the game. Best Wishes.

I miss my Grandmothers.

It's time for me to get my braids redone. Anyone up for a take down party? I make great drinks!

Gas prices aren't gonna go down, are they?

My week is looking busy and bright. Hallelujah!

Fellas, never discount the value of a good edge or lining!

Ladies, trust me, pedicures are your best friend. Get yours today!

The Maven

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