Mary Jay

Just came home from a great concert. The Heart of The City Tour to be exact. Yes, that's right, Mary and Jay, a sixty degree L.A. night, The Hollywood Bowl, and box seats. Ridiculous!

The Maven

I've seen Jay countless times (terms of endearment for my connect), but this is the first time I've seen Mary perform and The Queen of hip Hop Soul did NOT disappoint.

Let me holla at the ladies for a minute.......I don't know about you, but I feel like Mary and I grew up together; not in a same 'hood, 'round the corner kind of way, but in a Kool Aid to Cognac kind of way. When she hit the airwaves, I was running the streets with my girls, going to parties, and kissin' and tellin'. Mary's songs represent every stage of my life, and it is clear that she has weathered her storms and become a G-A-Dub (Grown Ass Woman). She looked flawless. The hair was laid (of course), the 'drobe was fly, and homegirl is in great shape. Now, I am a true slim goody, but Mary makes me wanna adopt a regular fitness regimen. She ain't playin'! She ran through some old faves and then hit us with an ode to Anita Baker by scatting to "Been So Long". I loved it! She then took it home with her newer hits (she had me in tears with "Be With You") and danced and kicked it like we were at a party in her back yard. Gotta love her.

Once Jay came on, he rolled along seamlessly through his catalog, with the highlights being his stint at the turntable with his DJ, where they played snippets from about 10 songs, each one making the crowd go crazy, the other highlight was his a capella performance of "Minority Report" while photos of the disaster displayed in the background; the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina will never be forgotten and the response by our government will never be forgiven.
Each time I see Jigga perform, I am reminded just how incredible his swagger is and how solid his offerings have been over the years. The man has HITS!

The show ended with fireworks and the last of three duets performed throughout, with the fitting "Heart Of The City (Ain't No Love)".

This was the best Hump Day I've had in a long time. I just might hit the show up again on Friday.

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