Hump Day Music - Coltrane Edition

I am a little weary in regards to this Primary race. It's taking too long.

I have begun to resent the sight of H. Rodham Clinton. For me, she represents greed, envy, and dishonesty. I can appreciate her resolve not to give up her fight, but I am detecting the scent of something fishy on the horizon, something Bushesque, and if The D Party pulls the rug from under Barack, there exist the possibility of uprising.

Statistically, she can't beat him, and numbers don't lie, but we are talking American politics here, so brace yourselves.

Hey, Independents, save some room for me, I'm coming over!

John Coltrane is emanating my sentiments on the masterpiece, "Dear Lord".

Rise up Saints! We need prayer. Close your eyes and listen.

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