Hump Day House Music - Congressional Hearings Edition

If you need a pick me up, I hope this pulls you through the day.

After yesterday's Iraq War hearings, General Petraeus might echo the sentiment of this song....cuz they were in his DOOKIE!!!!! But, in spite of all that scrutiny, he was still "balls to the wall" in his assertion and response that American troop withdrawal is a bad idea. Senate be damned!

I don't know about you, but I would like to talk to someone from this war ravaged region, someone of the common ilk, like myself. I want to know what's really 'hood over there. All our news reports are beginning to be a blur, and it sounds like elevator music. I'm afraid I am becoming desensitized, and that's not good. I know this situation is "no bueno", but am I afraid to know the dirty details? Are you?

I support a withdrawal, purely on the basis that I see no point in war. However, I don't want to see a country's less fortunate or helpless people left hung out to dry after we hat up. I saw that on the home turf, with Katrina, and the aftermath still lingers. Shits not cute

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ROCK said...

The problem with all of the quasi-legitimate Senate Hearing crap is it ain't Kosher. These things are a joke. Not that the Senators aren't asking legitimate questions but the sides ain't playing fair.

There ain't no way in the world you can have all that is going on in Iraq (Iranian influence, Muqtada al-Sadar's phony ass, Suni v Shiite, blah, blah, blah) and then sit in front of the American people and say things are going good or some perverted derivitive of the same.

Why is it Republicans are so loyal (for lack of a better term) to Bush and the party they refuse to acknowledge what every other sensible person in the world knows. They made a mistake. They based a war on lies and they have truly underestimated the fevor of the Iraqi insurgents. AND just to further pimp the peeps, they go around and under the cover of night, pay the opposition to stop attacking so they can claim thangs is all good in the hood. I mean at what point do they come the hell off of the lie?

How many times would you listen to your spouse tell you they aren't cheating even though you have a the "Cheater's" video in HD? I don't think they would last too long. So why are we putting up with the crap. STOP THE INSANITY!!! Tell the truth-for once!

Holla at your boy;
Chicago Jedi