A Piece of Peace

Tranquility seems to elude me as of late. There just seems to be SO MUCH NOISE and I'm not referring to traffic . The idiot box is wearing me thin! The mainstream media is acting like the mob an I feel as though I need to enter into protective custody. Between the reports of ensuing famine and world hunger, rising fuel prices, an increase in crime, a looming recession, and the tomfoolery that is our political process, I can't seem to concentrate. No wonder reality t.v. is doing so well. It numbs your sensibilities.

Anyway, my once certain understanding of societal issues, has now evolved into an amalgamation of anger, confusion, disbelief, doubt and indifference.

For instance, why is the life of My Man (future post) consistently challenged and devalued from inside and outside forces? He might not be important to some, but he damn sure means the world to Me. Rest peacefully, Sean Bell et al.....

Moving on, why is it that my Press-and-dent can lie, steal, cheat and stumble over simple English words for eight years with little or no resistance from the citizens, pundits or political representatives of our fair land, but My Pastor can't speak truth to power without being labeled a tyrant (I told y'all about fear)? Let the record show that I'm all for freedom of speech and opinion, but some people's criticism and ire, I think, is ill-placed.

What would The Elders say? Should we be taking to the F'n streets in new-aged revolt against our current government for the way they have been carrying us?! And by "us" I mean ALL of us, everydamnbody, regardless of race, gender, education or socio-economic status. They have treated us like a two-dollar whore (think stimulus checks). Remember and know this.... beeEss trickles down and we are all eventually affected in someway by the disrespect, deception, suffering, slighting, mistreatment and/or underserving of another human being.

Don't wait on Uncouth to come and ring your Cushy doorbell. Like Huey of The Boondocks so eloquently stated when a crazy Midwestern February day turned from 90 degrees to freezing within hours, "maybe the heat does make people crazy......before you know it, crazy becomes normal.....but, sanity eventually returns, and when it does, you better have your coat."

When you have time of course, I would be remiss if I didn't share the entire episode with you for your full understanding. It is well worth viewing here.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to catch Sportscenter. I'll choose ball banter, stats and highlights over depressing news any day.

Go J, Go Hawks!

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